Caretaker! open up THF on Sunday and let's watch the game o

I think it would be profitable and/or proceeds for charity.

The city owns THF it would be their call not the Caretakers.

either way. that would be awesome!

even if they dont let us in, play it on the stadium screen and we watch fron Cannon street. :thup:

you bring the cooler and I'll bring the hibachi and lawn chairs :thup:

Sounds like a good idea but it could already be rented out. I live near the stadium there always seem to be something going on.

splendid idea sir

like what? my next house when the kids a littld older will be a house by the stadium, im getting a little soft up here on the mountain need to get back to my roots. toughen up a little bit lol

Doesn't look like it's going to happen. Certain people got invites to the club level but thats it. Looks like the peasants are on the outside again.

Certain people. Who would the certain people be? It would be great to at least show the game for the season ticket faithful. There will always be a class distinction when it comes down to how much money you have or spend.

Certain people got special invites but I don’t know what the criteria is.

Probably, Caretaker's club members, sponsors, ticat community council members among a few that I would guess.

I got one. Not sure what the criteria is, I went to four games this year and just bought seasons tix. Maybe they’re trying to show me how good the club life is?

And yet they don't send one to the college president! Harrumph. *

Albeit it's a pretty small college. :smiley:

that’s really great that they’re pulling out the stops for you. honest! :smiley:

those of us with 10, 15 years, not so much.

lawnchairs on the field would be good enough for me :roll:

I've been a season ticket holder for 22 years and my mom since 1965. No invites for us.

For the Grey Cup? Sure, open the stadium. I'll come and the tailgate alone should be epic. For the East Final, no.

the club section holds like 250 people max....not everyone can get an invite. I got an invite to a "viewing party" when montreal played the argos, it was the same night the jays got knocked out of the playoffs so they had that game playing on the TV's in the club section and then when our game vs BC started at 10 half the TV's showed that. It's a good idea, they get to entice perspective season ticket holders and try to up sell existing ones, not to mention they must make a killing on food...$12 for a double cheese burger....$12 for a philly cheese steak....$8 poutine...ect. All in all I had a great time and I recieved an email afterwards saying they would be testing out more in the future. Have no fear, you may still get an invite to a viewing party in the future....they just cant get everyone up there at once.

PS: Once the montreal/argo game was over they played the Hamilton/BC on the scoreboard so you never still might be able to watch it from cannon st lol although they might not because it was so damn cold out that night not a single person was out there watching it....also there was no audio outside

Thats not the point cooler 51. We get that the club section has limited seating. And no it's not about selling. The club section for next year has been sold out for months. Open the stadium and show it on the big screen. It's a profit making no brainer.

I was one of the lucky ones!
Correction unlucky ones in getting the invite to club level.
While the facilities were impressive I ended up leaving after 10 minutes.
I had asked a friend of mine to come with me and when we arrived there were absolutely no seats left whatsoever.
While I could have stood and watched the whole game my friend was older and could not.
Left very disappointed.
I would have thought they would have had a chair for everyone invited as there were more people entering as we were leaving. :thdn: :thdn:

I had a similar experience at a game and am glad my ST are in the lower bowl. Not worth the money for mediocre food and expensive booze.