Caretaker on CBC's Venture

I missed Bob on Venture last night and didn't record it.

For those who did see it, did Bob shed any light on the Ticats situation?

What Ticat situation?

You know, the one where... ah, forget it, too long of a story. :wink:

it turns he said very little about the TiCats - here’s alink to the video clip on cbc’s web site - Bob’s piece comes up about 2.5 minutes into it:

Thanks for that video "kicker"....

Of course, the best part of that piece was the professionally installed business phone on the desk that Bob was using......and the perfectly laid square cabling conduit you can see behind the desk in one specific shot.....

These two items clearly made the segment a huge success....

Thanks for the link "kicker'. I "just missed it" last night as I got in late! :thup:

And mikey...your comments lead me to believe that you don't just hang around and "pull your wire"! You actually do neat work with conduit?

Just kidding...but couldn't resist. :lol:

Ah yes, the "Phone Behind The Throne" segment soon to be seen on Venture Redux! :wink:

"All Hail The Phone Guy" t-shirts will be available for Xmas giving, PM Mikey when that happens. :slight_smile:

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

I walked into that one alright...... :wink: :lol: