Caretaker M.I.A. ?

okay three questions begging honest answers:1)what did we give up to get our new G.M. ? 2)what are my tickets going to cost next year? 3) why no update in four months and no word in the last two weeks?

Wow. Great minds really do think alike. Between when I started composing my Updates topic and when I hit "submit" ballard86 posts this question. I guess this counts as a vote in favour of Updates? :wink:

Thanks for the quick response, Caretaker. Contrary to the above post, I know you were gracious enough to post here a couple of weeks ago when you rather timidly mentioned that you regretted the past season and that we would eventually have some winning football in Hamiton.

I don't know of another owner like you and truly appreciate all that you have done for the team , the fans and the city; even if everything didn't pan out to our mutual liking.

No matter what happens, most of us know, you are in there doing your damndest to turn things around.
Bringing in Dejardins was a great start!

When owners are MIA, bills do not get paid. We've been there before. We are not there now. And while we all were disappointed by the season on the field, I continue to be grateful for the owner we have.

the post was not meant to be critical of the owner . He has financed the titanic and we have bought passage in record numbers .Iwish the two remaining questions I posed to be answered and wonder whether by year five of the five year pla I will be aboard THE Endmund Fitzgerald(probably not it sunk in november)or the qe2 ?note I did say i would buytickets just as ihave for the last thirty plus years.


obvously something was given but what kind of pick do you think it might be? 1-2, 3-4, 5+ round pick? My guess would be around 5th round. So pretty much a worthless pick to begin with.

First pick ,FIRST OVERALL if I'm wrong let the team tell me so.

Really, I dont think they'd part with a pick like that especially with Marcel begin the one to use it. Its only a GM that would never have taken over for Popp. I was thinking more of a later round pick.

Im nervous because nobody from the organization has come out and denied the comment about it being the first overall pick.

Maybe they cant yet. I know the rules were changed after ther Maas trade with Edmonton.

I was really interested in Ballard's connents that I looked up a story on regrading the hiring of Marcel.

The Als will receive no compensation from Hamilton, according to Popp.
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Frankly, I don't mind giving up a first round pick for a good manager, and off hand, I'd say we have one.
The success of this team will start with Desjardins, not a first round pick, so let that one go!

If that's what Popp said then I guess he's a liar as Desjardins already confirmed that there was "something" to be given up when he was on the 5th qtr 2 weeks ago.
Popp was obviously giving the "standard corporate line" state things now and ask for forgiveness later.....what a fool to think that the truth cathes up earlier than anticipated.
Way to go Popp!