Caretaker....lose the black pants pls

Sorry Bob but they are hideous. Lets get back to tradition and wear gold pants only please

NOOOOOOO I love the all black uni. it's the best one we've had in years.

I first thought that this was a thread about Bob's personal fashion sense. Then I got an image in my mind of him running around in his underwear. Let's be careful with those thread titles, boys! :smiley:

Thanks for THAT visual

gross!!! too much black. with the white jersey not so bad but with the home jersey jusy bad.

We should be more concerned as to how they play rather than what they wear. I would not care seeing them in pink uniforms with blue dots as long as they crush and obliterate the opposition.


Somebody posted a link on this forum a year or two ago to an article showing that sports teams wearing black uniforms were likely to have more penalties called against them. If their conclusions are actually true, that might be a good reason to ditch the all-blacks. Otherwise, as one who hasn't been a fan as long as some others, I have no bias towards the past, and I think they're fine.

Considering that the moves that go along with the Oskee Wee Wee chant possibly were inspired by a Maori Haka and Canadian football has its origins in rugby, having an all-black uniform doesn't seem inappropriate. :slight_smile:

As Deion Sanders said "You got to look good. Look good feel good. Feel good play good..."

We all know how good (well) we played last Friday too.

Absolutely, I loved these. Makes the team look really intimidating.

I like the all black (i.e. Black Knight) look , It conveys a tough attitude and mean streak. But I guess it didn't work last week.

"It'w just a flesh wound!"

People need to stop correlating a change in tradition with "ugly".

Besides it is an ALTERNATE uniform.

Funny, last press conference I could have sworn Bob was in a pair of blue jeans.

sorry black pants are ugly with a black jersey. and they wear black pants way more often than the gold which IMO is not alternate

Fair enough. I think the all black uniform is badass, but opinion is opinion. Im just saying there are lots of people on here who call the black pants ugly simply because its not gold.

Black pants is the standard for the away uni, gold for the home uni. We've seen the away twice and the alternate home once, I'm sure we will see more of the gold pants at home by the time the seasons over.


The Home Uniform is Black on Gold.

Away is White on Black.

So far, we have had it reversed.

Both should be on Gold.

yep they looked great last night. Gold all the way!!