Caretaker interview: "Would’ve much preferred to play [in 2020]"

Bob Young had an interview with Justin Dunk:
Justin says that Bob would have financed the League and covered other teams losses personally to play in the bubble, but he was only one voice in the BoG.
He must REALLY be frustrated, because I actually counted two "damns" by him in that article. I don't recall him EVER using a strong word in any interview, blog, tweet, post, or conversation.
He also makes a very salient point about the League having much more information and data than fans and reporters; and have had to make decisions that may see odd to us because WE don't have that proprietary data...

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Disention in the ranks?

Makes sense that the league would be working with data that people outside don't have access too. It would be no different than any other private business.

What stands out to me is a couple times he referred to Covid is a real villain here. It's too easy to finger point to one party on why the season didn't happen.

Overall the Ti-Cats and to an extent CFL in general are in good hands with Young at the helm

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I thought the interview reinforced how silly it is for outsiders (fans, journalists) to claim that there was a simple and obvious solution to the CFL's predicament of 2020. There was no easy fix. (Well, other than some/all owners liquidating their other assets to fund the season, which was the solution advocated by some.)


I'm surprised that the BoG did not take up Bob's offer to fund the league this year. Obviously there is more to this story than meets the eye.

queue the conspiracy theorists

(the other teams wanted to deny Hamilton their best shot at the Grey Cup in a generation, is one).

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