Caretaker in the forums - poll.

The original reason we set up these forums back in late 2003 was because I enjoy online debates, and who better to debate with than other Ticat fans.

But from time to time I manage to insult or offend members because either I'm too terse (a bad habit from having spent the last decade online) or because in my role as Caretaker other members take any disagreement I might have with their posts as "official" Tiger-Cat policy and therefore more meaningful than a similar disagreement from some other forum member.

Given that I really don't like offending people generally, and Tiger-Cat fans in particular, what do you think the solution to this problem is?

The poll gives you four choices, and "other". If you chose "other" you have to post your preferred bit of advice.

Cheers, Bob, er, caretaker.

ps. don't take this exercise too seriously - 100% "No" votes isn't likely to discourage me from posting. :wink:

Well first off bob....after going and getting a coffee ( slow day at work ) I came back and opened the forums and this thread greeted me :lol: A few minutes of cleaning my screen and keyboard, and explaining to everyone that I just read something funny...I'll try to br serious!

Bob it is really a good thing that you come on here and give us your perspective. I really think though that too many people forget that you are a fan first!

Perhaps that is something that people need to remember! I hope that in spite of the trials and tribulations of running a football team, people will remember that there probably would have been a lot less troublesome things ( and more financially rewarding)for you to get involved in (like t-bills even :lol: ),but your love of the CFL game will keep you involved! That and the fact that you love to see something grow and prosper!

Remind people that other than "caretaker updates" when you post on here...You Are Just A Fan! :thup:

Absolutely, he is the most level headed postr on the board.

I chose other because the only YES answer doesnt quite do it for me. I say a great big YES because it is great for us fans to be able to interact with an owner who cares enough to interact with us. Just because you are an owner doesnt mean you are not allowed to be as "wrong", or say things as "dumb" as the rest of us :rockin:

As for offending other posters, most of us more passionate and regular posters on every site manage to offend each other and others from time to time. It goes with the territory. Its a fact of board life. The only thing is for you to consider that you are putting yourself outthere and revealing your humanity to us. I for one fully appreciate that.

It says something that you are willing to give up the anonimity that most of us hide behind. :thup: :thup:

I would think that he should be permitted to continue posting if he bankrolls the new society of which I speak in the "Stop the "Bring him to Hamilton' chant thread."

[url=] ... 0&start=15[/url]

Free air transportation for Wilf and a box seat for the two of us as the founding members of the 'TICAT BOB' SOCIETY'



Bob, I'm still here. I voted "other"

Now, Bob, everybody on here appreciates the fact that you contribute your thoughts to this forum. That's an excellent contribution, and it IS seen as a great step.

You say that you enjoy debates with fellow Ticat fans. But, you must realize that when you get involved, it is no longer a debate. I stand to be corrected, perhaps by AJB who is an expert in that category, but my definition of a debate is "a discussion of two opposing views of a subject, on neutral ground."

In this forum as soon as you get involved, we are no longer on neutral ground.
If I say "black", and you say "white", game over. The mods now know that "white" is acceptable, while "black" is suspect.
Also all the adherents of the "white" school have been granted leave to push their belief with your imprimatur.
Can you say "fait accompli"?

In any case, I have lost my original point. Witness the many threads initiated in the last few hours. I can now predict that there will be a rash of "BRING HIM TO HAMILTON" threads.

You win, which is not surprising, since it proves my point that your interventions are not part of a debate, but rather official authorization for a specific line of action.

All of the above is triggered by Earl's threat of a spanking. It's not th pain, but the humiliation.

For me, cold beer wins every time. :slight_smile:

Baloney, bunk and Horse dung.

Perhaps for those that have trouble separating Bobs personal opinions from official policy, Bob might consider using two different handles. Cartaker for official use and something like JustAnotherFan for regular posting?

or BOBthefanYOUNG
or FanBob
or ....

I picked "other" because I don't find Bob scary in the least. :smiley:

It's true that everyone scrambles to agree with Bob whenever he has something to say. I am always interested in what he has to say, but not interested in the relpies that are attached.

I just yell at Bob in private now about team when he tells me to go jump in the lake, nobody knows but me! :lol:

(Bob will verify that too!) :wink:

I would like to see the "caretaker" thingy gone......go back to "bob" !

Hope everyone is well.....haven't had too much time to post lately.

Thump the Argos! :twisted:

Thanks for proving my previous statement Mikey. And, we all know what the owners/players tell you because you tell us ALL THE TIME!

I clicked beer but you have my permission to do as you please :wink:


You crack me up, you really do.

To anybody that has issue with anything you say that goes against their opinion I say "Tough cookies".

I don't know any other owner of any other sports team or business for that matter that takes the time to interact with his fans/customers more than you do.

The community of Hamilton and the fans of this team should be grateful you stepped in to "oversee" the care of our storied franchise. I can't possibly think who could better take care of our team than you.

Damn this PC world we seem to be living in where you have to worry about whether you have offended someone for something you may have said.

Don't change a thing Bob, say it like it is.

It was an attempt at humour....of course Bob doesn't say "go jump in the lake" those words anyhow...hahaha.....relax!


Where's the "As long as the water/juice/pop is cold" answer for those of us under the legal drinking age. Because, everyone knows teenagers don't drink beer.... :lol:

As perhaps the first 'old timer' on this site to get dinged by Bob I can say that it WAS rather a surprise. Some of us (probably most) care a great deal for our reputation and demeanor on these boards. There are others who do not. It came as a real shock to be singled out by the owner for expressing an opinion when so many others who acted in a truly negative fashion were ignored.

Hurt feelings? Perhaps. Perhaps even a bit childish.... or merely jealous of one's reputation. I'm probably biased in my own assessment of myself.

I recognize that it IS difficult for Bob. He bought the team at least partly because he is a fan. It's hard to separate the two. When he speaks there is an inevitable majesty which accompanies his statements.

At times he sounds patronizing. That was what I read in his response to me. It may not have been intended. As Bob notes, the very terseness of e-mail often puts an unattended negative spin on all but the most technical of communications.

I understand how easy it is to sound patronizing- I do at times as well. It's just easier for others to ignore me.

I respect Bob but neither worship nor condemn him. He makes mistakes- as do we all.

Of course he can post. At times he might be wise to adopt a degree of anonymity but there is a certain joy at being able to identify and kibbitz with the owner.

Just remember Bob- the people who are most likely to be sensitive to rebuke may also be those with insight and appreciation for the manner with which you have approached this project. We don't need 'smileys' but the projection of your own emotional vulnerability or the communication of a concept as being tentatively held rather than the 'ex cathedra' pronouncement of the owner might go a long way toward defusing misunderstandings.

All the best.

Ha Ha, Bob started a War will a large faction of the Ti-Cat community when he outlawed the Forbidden Chant.

So to end the war, its simple....all he has to do is just retract the statement.

Otherwise, we'll continue to win every battle. For the record, the next battle will be on your own to speak.

Watch out for it...


Haha, we all known Argos $uck will be chanted saturday loud and proud, and I really don't think that the "CAT" team will be able to kick 20,000+ people out of the stadium :stuck_out_tongue:

DOH! :x

i think its great u come in here caretaker.most guys in your position cant be bothered top talk to the fans