Caretaker credits Randy Ambrosie

I think there is an organizational culture of giving people chances, thinking of Greg Marshall way back as a Canadian head coach. And that is a positive trait for any organization to have really although it can have issues as well I suppose.

Aerial: Are you equating Greg Marshall with Art Briles? What baggage did Marshall bring with him?

Ottawa Cat: You nailed it re the new Commish. Scott Mitchell was and still is, on the wrong side of it.

Marshall played in the CFL. Marshall was a successful coach in the CIAU. Marshall was not complicit in a cover up of abuse. His hiring was not a second chance issue as stated by Mitchell about Briles.

You cannot compare the two events. Nice try though.

That's fair enough Lenny, you have a point. If you're saying Greg Marshall was simply a "straight up" hire, you are correct without a doubt come to think of it. Basically along the lines of an O'Shea. Briles certainly would have been anything but. Briles would have been a 2nd chance whereas the hiring of Marshall was really just an opportunity. Yup.

It's also possible that the league was on board with the deal until stuff started to hit the fan, and only then did they call the Ticats to veto it. But given Bob Young's comments, I suspect you've pretty much nailed it.

I'd say two homers and a triple. While he did act quickly to reduce the fishing challenges, he could have done better by either fixing the way illegal contact is called by the Command Centre, or eliminating it from eligible challenges.

But this one was out of the park.

First and foremost, Bob Young does not owe an apology. I am thankful he is the owner of my cats and saved them and continues to save them from extinction.
Yes 0-8 stinks, but I look forward to more seasons like 2013 and 2014.
New commissioner, has only made minor changes and has not been on the job long enough to make positive or negative contribution.
If the commish can do some of the following, I would consider him successful,
I. Make Argos great again - more fans in the stands.
II. Expansion, 10th team
III Successful sale of lions.
IV. Significantly Increase league revenues.
If he can not execute any of these he’s about the same as the last commissioner.

I think Caretaker Bob Young has to stop being a giggling hillbilly who trusts an obviously incompetent management team to being a severe critic owner - and starts re-stocking the team with competent men at almost all positions in the organization.

ie. an organizational re-fit

Obviously, articulate incompetents like Scott Mitchell have padded their contracts so Bob will be penalized if he has to cut ties with the vermin at the top of his organization.

But so be it!

Cutting vermin like Mitchell and eventually June Jones, Austin & others who supported the Art Briles hire will go a long way to re-build fan credibility and re-store the Ti-Cats to being a formidable pro team (at all levels) vs. a circus of hobos & freaks.

Use the rest of the season to re-build your organization Bob - - - - - although I know you're only 4 or 5 games away from 2nd spot and hosting the crossover. Sometimes organizations are at the crossroads. I believe this to be true for the Hamilton Football Club.

Best first move would be to make the pre-requisite call to Jim Barker - measure his interest and ideas in taking on the VP of Football operations job. Let him evaluate the organization - especially Austin, Tilman & June Jones.

Finding a CEO/President - OK, that's a different matter. Don't know who's out there but a clearer thinker than Mitchell is the first pre-requisite!

Jim Barker....are you kidding? Did you not see what he did to the Argos.....

There has to be better options than this ....

And calling Young a "giggling hillbilly " is so over the top and insulting that the rest of your post is laughable.

I have to say that Lyle B Style has nailed it. I have supported the Tiger-Cats since the 1950's and have had season's tickets for about 25 years, driving to games from North-East Toronto and, now, for the last 13 years from Port Dover. This latest terrible mistake by Bob Young and company has soured me on the team. It will take a tsunami of a shake-up to get me to renew my three tickets.

The tsunami will likely not happen to your satisfaction so you should not renew and not go to any games this year. Stick you your principles.
This latest mistake by Bob Young ( what others bother you?) should not be tolerated by you.

Ps...when are your seats...I'll see if I can get them next year if they are better than mine after 41 years is ST holder.

I agree with Lenny..
I would love to have your seats as well...
And thank god we have Bob Young.
It is amazing just how some people respond and act when our Cats
are having a very bad time on the field.
Go are not needed...or wanted.
Post your garbage on some other forum.
And perhaps when your brain comes back down to earth with the
rest of will understand how unimportant you truly are.

The idea of the Ti-Cats (now approaching their 150th anniversary as an organization) is both wonderful and chock full of amazing historical moments - and the great personalities who roamed the gridiron (ie. Joe Zuger, Dunigan, Danny Mac, Lancaster, Angela Mosca, John Barrow, Cookie Gilchrist, many more)

There is nothing wrong with the wonderful history and pictures painted by it.

There is however, a serious problem with the vermin who currently infest the organization.

I would never advise people to dump their season tickets and turn their back on history - a history they were part and parcel of.

As the only fan ever called out by a CFL GM (a piece of human vermin named Lyle Bauer) and attacked insistently by bomber fans because I choose to criticize vs. being a typical booze-infested lemming I can attest to the feelings some may have. But I'm still a bomber fan (underneath all the silly nicknames and the criticism the local blue boozers despise) - and so shall you guys be!

I was born blue in the 50s at the apex of Indian Jack Jacobs, Dr. Tom Casey, Bud Grant, Buddy Tinsley & 16 yr old Gerry James.

The Ticats will get over this - all things will pass. Its gonna be rough times, no doubt. But getting over this negative hump of crap - will be as satisfying as the negative feelings many of you Hamilton fans have now.

The choice is yours!

I respect your decision, either way!


Cookie was a friend...he passed on January 10, 2011. I had last spoke to him on New Years day.

There is a documentary film out in the veins of "Gridiron Underground"...another story that Must Be told.

The one and a half hour documentary,"Misunderstood, The Cookie Gilchrist Story" follows his life, his challenges and his accomplishments. You can find "trailers"on the internet.

Cookie's brain was donated to "The Center for the study of Traumatic Encephalopathy" at Boston College.

In June of 2011 it was foundthat he suffered "stage IV CTE"...the most severe classification.

This in itself explains some of "Cookie's behaviour".

Cookie deserves to be recognised in the "Canadian Football Hall of Fame". He never really turned it down, because he really never got it offered. He did, in a 2007 Hamilton Spectator interview state he would be happy to accept it. I know his family would welcome it.

I have no desire to "Hyjack this thread", so please, if you want to know more...look it up or PM me.

Just a FYI Cookie will be going on the Bills wall of fame this year.

.... except for the fact that "The wonderful history" somehow here, got stretched out to cover more than twice the number of years it really has been. While there is a history of football played in Hamilton, under the team name "Tigers," as early as well over 100 years ago, the Tiger-Cats organization was formed in 1950 and the club is now in its 68th season.

Bills Mobile: Cookie Gilchrist to be honored on Bills Wall of Fame

Here is write for his induction to the Bills wall of fame. It happens in Oct vs the raiders

I agree about taking the post off-topic, so my last comments on Cookie. I vaguely remember Gilchrist playing in Hamilton, more in Toronto. I remember him as a two-way player, in fact, I believe he played both linebacker and defensive tackle for the Argos when on defence. Just a heck of a player, built like a brick outhouse, and big, fast and strong.

I recall his "holdout", must have been the early 60s, in Toronto, feeling that he was underpaid as a two-way player. Big story every day in the Toronto Globe and Mail. Not so much in the Spec. Shortly after, he went off to the AFL, and we no longer saw much of him as, if we could get American games on TV at all, it would be the NFL.

In following your link, I saw that he refused induction into the Canadian Hall of Fame as he felt he was undervalued and underpaid. Probably part of his issue was his understanding of race relations of the time, and his willingness to take a stance against the financial treatment of blacks in sports in those days.

I suppose in a perverse kind of way, his not being in the Canadian Hall of Fame is proper, in that it is respecting his wishes, but is a shame none-the-less that his story is untold for that reason.