Caretaker credits Randy Ambrosie
Bob Young?


@CFL's @RandyAmbrosie saved the @Ticats from a major blunder today. Longer mea culpa coming tomorrow.

Should never have had to be. Very poor decision by a very dysfunctional football organization. This really suck, we are the laughing stock of the CFL right now.

we already were.

Here's my take.

Bob trusts Scott to make decisions. Scott did his homework and did inform the league. They probably did find out some info that the public doesn't know.
Scott tells commish or BOG that they are willing to take the risk and against commish's wishes the team announces the hire expecting less of a backlash than this.
Commish calls Bob and everybody involved decides it's best to not go through with the hire.
As the leader of this organization Bob takes the hit because we can't call for him to be fired.
Bad situation misjudged by all.

Dear Caretaker,

Sadly the above comment is true and causes fans to really wonder about those responsible for vetting such a decision.

If Mr. Biles' hiring was to lure Johnny Manziel - I hope that idea is also trash bound!
We don't need his type of person in our locker room.

I look forward to your comments on the matter and those of the senior entire group entrusted with our Cats. I think Season Ticket Holders should receive a signed apology by all parties involved.


Section 103 Season Ticket Holder

Caretaker: Forget the Mea Culpa. Just get rid of this old boys club that has taken over the team and turned it into a laughing stock on and off the field. It turns my stomach seeing what is happening to a once proud football team. This miserable 0-8 season is bad enough but it will take years for the Tiger-Cats to remove the stain of what almost happened with Briles hiring. The Commissioner deserves credit for doing what Scott Mitchell should have done.

Something about Bob's comments feel waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too in the middle for me.

don't know what it is, but doesn't seem to take ownership of the signing, makes it seem like the guy just showed up.

also doesn't seem like he agrees with the decision to release him.

just seems non-committal, not sure why.

(also seems like a missed opportunity to suck up to the fans making it seem like "our desperation to win temporary blinded us to the right decision." etc etc

we're 0-8 i'd be feeling pretty desperate too...

Let’s just call it a momentary lapse of reason.

Mea culpa is a Latin phrase that means "through my fault" and is an acknowledgement of having done wrong

Espo: I believe Bob knew about it. I also believe Bob is taking the hit because he's a team player and respects the league.
But make no mistake if the league told him Art has to go and they knew he was being hired ahead of time you can bet Bob isn't happy with the league for this.

Scott Mitchell showed his incompetence in leadeeahip through this whole ordeal. IMO that interview he gave is a fireable offense, that is if he doesnt step down on his own.

Being 0-8 is embarrassing. But it happens in sports. There is always a loser. Regardless of the reasons for the losing season, its still just a game.

Hiring someone surrounded by controversy while there are still legal actions surrounding that controversy is far worse than having a crappy season. It highlightspoor decision making, and more shockingly, a lack of concern for what the fans might think.

That may seem like something minor to some people, but at the end of the day (or this season), its we the fans that keep this team alive and afloat. Yes Bob brought money in and saved this team, but even his resources have a limit, and it is up to the fans to reimburse the money he put out. Theinitial decision to bring Briles inhad the potential to severely damage this team on multiple levels.

IMO, the best thing that has happened in the CFL this year is Randy Ambrosie -- 3 at bats and 3 homers -- coaches' challenges, early release of the diversity tees, Briles. I hope the owners all realize what they've got in Randy and will collectively follow his lead into the future.

Amen to that, ottawacat!

I think the team leadership was so desperate to save the season they tried this. I'm also of the belief that there is more to the story and Art may indeed just be the "fall guy".

Give them credit for at least getting together and stopping the hire.

I'm sure if they thought that there would be this much opposition they wouldn't have tried it.

I, like so many others on this forum, are long time multiple season ticket holders, have a closet full of Ticat swag and I'm not about to give up on my team. They made a big mistake in announcing the hire...they corrected it before it even happened and it's going to cost Bob a pile of money and some shame...BUT I SUPPORT HIM.

I'm ALL IN with the Ticats, so lets move on and GET IT RIGHT.

Woody, Cookie Gilcrest is not in the Hall of Fame?? Now there's a cause I could get behind! Is he still alive?

I just read Bob Young's statement to STHs, soon to be released to everyone.

Classy and to the point. Accepting the blame on the part of the entire organization, using "we" made the mistake. Don't know how to insert here, but I'm sure someone else soon will.


“We made a large and serious mistake. We want to apologize to our fans, corporate partners and the Canadian Football League. It has been a difficult season and we are searching for answers. This is clearly not one of them. We have listened, we are reviewing our decision-making processes and we will learn. We will go on. We want to thank our fans, partners and the CFL for their help and support.?

ALL very likely.