Caretaker Classy

When you define classy this is the guy you look at. :thup:

When you define classy this is the guy you look at
Agreed :thup:

So is Maas for that matter.

For everything that's gone on around him and to see him and hear his comments after the game, I feel for the guy.

As the "career ending" evidence continues to pile up, he's still giving his all.

It's a shame. Too bad.

:thup: :) :) :)

No. When you read my posts you're looking at undebatable class. Ok. I'll give that Bob guy his due, but in lieu of accolades he would prefer you send him straight up money. :stuck_out_tongue:

For sure. :rockin:

Reminds me of that Rodney Dangerfield line...gimme a call sometime, when you got no class. :lol:

Classy for sure. You know it's eating him up with how things are going but you'd really not know it at all.
Maas classy for sure as well!

Not quite sure about that assertion. Unless you feel his flipping the bird to the fans in a gesture of disrespect in a heated moment qualifies for the Classy Hall Of Fame.