Caretaker Bring back the cup

For a while know i have been looking for support in the form of an online petition to bring the grey cup game back to Hamilton. I hear rumours now that we will not even have a chance to host the game until the 100th grey cup. Even if this is the case i would still like some support in this effort and think it would go along way if Bob Young would sign this petition. So Caretaker please lend your support at


Yes, because we all remember what a boom the last one was for Hamilton....How about just bringing the "actual" cup back to Hamilton at the back end of a long parade?

Reverend: Just as a 'Heads Up', the last sentence in the text of your petition states:

"After all we do have the CFL Hall Fame here".

Actually, this is incorrect, and you may want to revise/correct it.

We have the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum. (versus the CFL Hall of Fame)

(it is not a CFL Hall of Fame)

thank you for heads up , i did not even notice

Dude, stop living in the past.

I have gone from young punk to professional adult. alot can happen in 10 years and I beleive the right leadership is currently in place to have a fantastic Grey Cup Game and Grey Cup week.

Dude, stop ignoring the past…Sure, we have better leadership as far as the ti-cats are concerned, but the leadership needed for the Grey Cup rests in city hall…and unfortunately, that hasn’t changed much in ten years.

I'm sure Bob is working on Shitty Hall in some respects for the Grey Cup and IWS.

As long as some of the "work" he does includes a new stadium for the tabbies, then I think he may have a shot. I don't think the league would have any problem awarding the centennial Grey Cup to a city rich in CFL history, not to mention home of the Hall of Fame.(which could also use some sprucing up).

If Hamilton gets an NHL Hockey team (doubtful...altho possible) dont count on taxpayers footin the bill for a new football stadium too. I think the spec said Copps would need something like $110 Million and most of that coming from taxpayers....IWS worked b4 and it can work again!

Copps has hosted some major hockey games. Canada Cup 87’ comes to mind. So does that mean it could work now? Answer:no. Grey Cup games have been held at IWS before. Can it host one now? I think the fact you won’t have hosted one in over a dozen years in an 8 team league speaks volumes about wheather or not the stadium makes the grade.

So nevermind worrying about a hockey team you’ll never get, and focus on the one pro franchise you DO have