Caretake wrong on one thing

I am a huge supporter of BY, but he is wrong on one thing. Winning is NOT everything. For one thing, Integrity is way more important than winning at all costs. Something Wally and the lions are about to show us that they do not beleive. By playing Jimenez, they will be showing that they completely lacking in integrity and that all that matters to them is winning, no matter what.

Winning is NOT everything.

I think he meant that his top priority is to put together a entertaining (winning) team…Not win at all cost…

I think so too, but I wish he had phrased it differently

Bob's been wrong on a few things. Yet to admit the greatest of them all though. Heck, we have a whole website about it.

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Winning is everything for the pros. It's pretty straightforward. If you don't win, you won't have a job for long. Like it or not, everything else is window dressing.

Buono is simply playing by the league's rules. He's allowed to appeal the ruling and so Jimenez plays while the league makes a decision. I think any coach would/should do the same thing. Buono is just maximizing his chances of winning all within the rules. This is not a breach of integrity in my book.

An Argo-Cat fan

I hear that the player he allegedly blocked illegally suffered a serious, probably season ending, possibly career-ending injury. In such a case , perhaps the CFL office could have a teleconference tribunal, complete with videotape/film of the play, by 3 to 5 disinterested GMs to decide immediately on the ruling and penalty, and no appeal if they agree unanimously on a "deliberate attempt to injure". If "convicted" of a deliberate attempt to injure I wuld suggest a penalty as long as the injured party is unable to play; if it is a deliberate and career-ending injury then the offender would be suspended for "life".
Yes football is a dangerous game but let's take the unnecessary danger out of it. A tragedy if some one ended up crippled, or worse, deliberately injured for the sake of winning.


Good suggestion. The key is to deal with an issue like that quickly, especially at playoff time.

FYB - Sorry, I think you are mistaken. Winning IS everything, however some players & coaches mistakenly think that it IS the only thing and that you do whatever it takes to win, within the rules of the game or not and hopefully you don’t get caught.
And yes, BC is only following the rules especially since AJ Gass set a precedent already this year. There are rules of the game which has enforcement and there are rules for arbitration which these people have taken advantage of, right or wrong.