Career Year for Reilly and Esks Offense?

Mike Reilly has an impressive crop of talent around him and he is the first to say he does not win the MOP by himself.

Some worry about the loss of Adarius Bowman and Brandon Zylstra, but listening to Reilly, Duke Williams and Derel Walker will get plenty of targets. However, Reilly will also spread the ball around to players like Nate Behar, Bryant Mitchell and speed options Kenny Stafford/Juron Criner. One of the most interesting young receivers is Torrance Gibson who has the next Walker written all over him. the question is can he grasp the CFL and the Esks offense enough in camp to be on the PR before getting ashot to ascend?

The offensive line is stacked and was ranked 2nd overall last season. Brock Sunderland has done a solid job of finding international tackles to fill the void with the loss of Joel Figueroa and D'Anthony Batiste. Of course, Colin Kelly's move from RT to LT will be interesting to watch, but he should be ready to take on the blindside. It is actually the RT spot with Kelvin Palmer and recently signed Tommie Draheim who must prove they can ascend to consistent starter. The Esks also have national 1st rounder Jacob Ruby who could ascend to starter this season as either RG or RT. Eskies fans will be watch camp to see if the former Richmond Spiders RT is ready to be a starter. If Ruby moved inside to RG that could mean all-star former 1st rounder Queen's RT Matt O'Donnell would move from RG to RT. It's good to have options, but one cannot get ahead one's self and just watch as this camp battle plays out.

The Esks are still going to play a smash mouth spread offense with C.J. Gable being the focus and plenty of option/play action with Reilly. Gable will set the table sucking the defense in and then Reilly will go to work mixing in shots over the top to Stafford/Criner or Walker or Mitchell or look for RAC yards from Williams and Behar. Behar has the potential to shock the CFL as he has the potential to be RAC yard leader, but he also possessthe speed to stretch the defense as well.

Ah Reilly must be smiling like a butcher’s dog with all the weapons and solid offensive line. 2018 is going to be another good year, but it has the potential to be a career year for Reilly and friends.