Care to chime in on injuries

I am out of town and wasn't able to get coverage of the game (darn sirius for being a sponsor but not broadcasting the game).

Anyone heard anything else on Dominguez, Hughes, or January????

Why only 1 point in the 2nd half whats up with that?

January was injured last week...this week it was Berman, who was carted off the sidelines with his ankle immobilized.

Whats up with 1 point in 2nd half? Riders lost Dominguez. Knee looked bad. Didnt play 2nd half. Berman leg. Looked bad. Took him off on cart. Early 3rd quarter. Hughes didnt play in the 2nd half. Foot or ankle. I have been watching Rider games since 70s. Most gutsy win I have ever seen from Riders.

Losing three players is no excuse for getting one point in the second half. That should be a wake up call - when your big guns go down, it's time for the others to step up. They did on defense, but not on offense.

Washington had a couple big drops that would have prolonged drives and at least gotten us field goals. The only guy that seemed to play well outside of Cates was Bowman.

In general the QB and receivers looked out of sync in the 2nd half, Crandell threw quite a few low, and quite a few behind players.

It was tough to tell whether or not it was a poor throw or just poor timing/wrong routes by receivers. The Stamps just stacked the box and took Cates mostly out of the game in the 2nd half.

Miller just said this on radio. Berman torn Achilles.


No excuse? How about this for no excuse. Bitching when Riders go 6-0. Win on the road. With more injuries than any Rider team I have seen. In 30 years. They really need to step up.

Take your meds, austin...I'm not bitching at all - they won, and that's fantastic...hey, if you're comfortable with a point a half, so be it...enjoy the Riders getting two points next week...:roll:

Austin yes, the riders have injuries. But the team needs to adjust. They came close to losing the game tonite because some players haven't picked up there game.

That is all people are really need to take a pill and chill

You need to do this Mike. Sound happy about team being 6 and 0. Let cap thing go. Riders are defending champs. 6 and 0. Tillman is our gm. Miller is our coach. Meds for me ok. But only if you will smile.

You're nuts. They're down to 4th string at slotback. It's a minor miracle they moved the ball at all.

The one difference tonight was in the previous games when someone went out with an injury, there wasn't much drop off in play when the backups came in, it was noticeable in the second half.

There is nothing wrong with criticism of the team, even when they win, and being critical doesn't mean people aren't pleased with the recent results. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll be off those meds. :wink:

Riders are missing Fantuz, Dominguez, Flick, as well as Dressler, Getzlaf and Berman. Also out is Hughes.

Not surprised at only 1 point in the second half. Washington, Palmer, Grant, Bowman and Bagg in the five receiver set. For sure two of those guys did not get much for reps with first team this week. Not an excuse, but realistically other than Grant and Palmer (who are solid possession receivers and great #4 or #5 guys) the other receivers have a total of what, 12 or 13 pro games between them? And only a few as starters?

Washington had a couple of drops that could have been critical. Other than that, we were incredibly close on many things. I will be interested to see what will happen after a week of practice with Crandell.

I'd like to see what the full team would be like, with no pressing injuries. Would they be a powerhouse, or would they be mediocre, since no one would have to pull the weight of those who are injured?

The more you post dust, the more i realize how much i agree with you..

And dust is right, going from 2nd stringers, to 3rd and 4ths there is a noticable difference. ( talking wr's here ) timing isn't great, they may not even know some of their routes on some plays. so, it is a miracle, and now im just happy with the W -- AND now hopefully they can develope some timing and chemistry this week at practise.

I'm hoping for Bowman and Washington to step up BIG this up-comming week. Also, maybe jumping the gun here but hows Dressler feeling? isn't it about time we start getting wr's back??

Lastly, it feels nice to get the win, but im also very appy that dek bake got a sac, and heard got his int. i have never hurd of heard, and im glad that bake provided decent rush. these 2 guys did step up IMO.

Do we have anyone not expected back for the play offs?

So many of the Rider plays have the slots adjust their routes on pre-snap reads. I don't think there was any of that in the second half - they just ran the primary route, assuming they knew what that was, even.

This made me laugh.