Cards versus tickets ?

I received the cards the other day for the season would have preferred being given an option on paper tickets .

I should be there nice and early today. We'll see how this goes. The card works better for me, assuming that it actually DOES work at the stadium. I'm not interested in being the one who helps them get the wrinkles out.

I may use it towards merchandise purchase as well. We'll see.

After I walked in last night, one of the staff asked me my opinion of the card. Anyone else have that experience? I can't imagine he was just making conversation (although it did seem like he might be hitting on me a little... :oops: )

Thanks CRF I just never like relying on the printer /internet /computer when giving them away when I can't make it .

It is the way of the future so I guess I better get with it .

Not a fan of the card
it may be the way of the future but some of us rather have the paper tickets :?

I definitely prefer the tickets over the card, and here's the primary reason. If I can't make it to a game, and I want to give my 'ticket' (card) to a friend, I've got to give him/her the card, and then make sure I get the card back from him/her. This can be a pain, and if you forget to get the card's panic time just before the next home game!
With printed tickets, you just give them to your friend, and it's done.

That's actually not the case. That was a concern from the moment that the cards were announced.

You can send an attachment to your friend for him or her to print and take to the stadium. You don't have to hand over your card at all.

What I found out yesterday is that you need to send it to a different e-mail address than your own. If you try to send it to yourself to print and give to someone, it won't work. But it will work with any e-mail address than your own.

The cards came with an instruction booklet. All that should be in there.