Cards/Bears Monday Nighter

....that was actually an entertaining MNF game...lately those are few and far between.....there is no way I thought the Cards would drop that but the luck of the football gods was upon da bears last night for sure....

....I guess Denny Green absolutely lost it during the post game interview, just lost it....

damn it the bears didnt cover the spread

Don't feel bad for Green.Feel bad for the working stiff up here who was standing in front of his tv set with 12 winners on the proline pools,Arizona being the 13th.He watched as as much as 400 grand sailed wide-left.OUCH!!!This person may not exist of course,so my surmise may only be of the speculative variety.Who would've been crazy enough to pick against the Bears anyway?

As a huge Bears fan that was hard to watch, but wow what an ending. 24-23 Bears and they didn't even score an offence touchdown. Urlacher was all over the place and Devin Hester is explosive on punt returns (his second TD of the year), although with the hole his blocking gave him you could have drove a truck through there.

This is why they play the games.

The Bears should never have won that game.. No offense roughy!

The thing that bugs me is to hear people criticising Edgerin James for that fumble.The thing is this: Urlacher is a beast,and I don't think there is ANY back in ANY league that could have prevented that force of nature from ripping that ball out!As for the punt return,I'm not going to say I saw it coming,but the moment I saw that 20 yds of free space in front of him,(Hester?),I reached over,tapped my buddy on the shoulder and said,"watch this!".That was his second of the year,eh?Good for him!Fortunately one of the Bills returners will catch up.Clements.Parish.If I'm not mistaken McGee only does the kickoffs.