Cardinals vs. Packers CFL style football

The 8 remaining teams in the NFL playoffs have accomplished something that is equally as hard as advancing to the Grey Cup...
With 4 times as many teams...... thus 1/4 of all teams remain.
After next weeks games the 4 remaining teams will represent 1/8 of all NFL teams... The Grey Cup champion represents 1/8 of all CFL teams. have never watched an arena game...where they score a touchdown on almost every drive..
Teams actually let other teams score touchdowns so that there is time left on the clock so that they can then go score a TD with no time left on the clock.
In yesterday's game...I actually thought that the Pack should of let the Cards score because you knew there was no way that they could prevent them from killing the clock and winning it with a field goal. I was cheering for the Pack
As it turned out I was right...but the kicker missed an inexcussable chip shot.
To me that had the hallmark of an AFL game

I have watched arena ball and did not dislike it. Just haven't the time to get into it much. I saw no comparison to yesterdays game, except for possibly the actual score. I like scoring.

each team punted the ball once...
That is two punts for the entire game
Other then that there was 4 field goal attempts...two of those attemps were only because the team ran out of time to punch the ball in
Other then the two early turnovers which ultimatly ended in TDs for the Cards.....Every other drive ended in a TD.
If that isn't the AFL...then what else is.

Incredible good offence!

Here it is... the highest scoring regulation game this season.
The Calgary/Saskatchewan overtime tie had more points scored...but many of those points were gimme points from the 35 yardline.
In the game I just posted... There were 17 drives that ended in either punts or field goal attempts.Plus Justin Medlock fumbled I assume that it should have been 18
Compare that to yesterady's game where 6 drives ended in punts or field goal attempts.
With three downs you simply do not see teams drive down the field and score TDs on every drive if there offence gets hot...
That above all is why I compared yeasterday's game to an arena game and not a CFL game.

shorter field, less players, players going both ways, a net to catch kicks off of, mostly less talented players, different out of bounds rules...

the way the tds were scored was more exciting.

do they do short kick offs in afl?

do they do touchbacks?

you do if you have the likes of flutie at the helm.

Big difference in number of possesions.

Lookup average number of possessions per game for all 3 leagues.

I did not see this game dont even know the score , but for a NFL game with 4 downs it sounds like there was some High School level tackling!! I did see the part of the Pats game, With 6 minutes left Brady was trying to make a comeback, But his recievers b dropped two consecutive passes to stall the drive, why they dropped them ?? both were good passes on the numbers!! anyones gues why they dropped those very easy to catch passes?? rite on the numbers?

you made them nervous

Agreed chief , some just having hard time admitting that sometimes. The catches all still had to be made .

Remember CFL, in the CFL with fewer teams it's not winning a Grey Cup, it's how many you win in a 10 year decade that is the mark since mathematically yes, it is easier in the CFL with fewer teams. Going 10 years without a GC win is bad, going 20 is horrendous. Not so in leagues with around 30 teams but then you may never see your team win a championsip in those leagues in a long, long time. Just different measuring sticks.

I kind of like the anology that you would have to get to the third round of the playoffs in either the NFL,NBA,NHL, or the second round in MLB to equal the diferculty of winning the Grey Cup.
Many haters say that the CFL is a joke because there are only eight teams and winning the cup is too easy.
However if you look at the number of teams in the big four that have not had a sniff at the final four in does show that even besting 8 other teams is not that easy.
In this case ..The Toronto Blue Jays have not won the Grey Cup since 1993... The Chicago Blackhawks since 1990... The Rangers since 94.... The Canucks since 94.
There are dozens of other teams who have not reached the final four in decades...but I am not about to start listing them all...
I'm sure the Detroit Lions have a very long streak since they were in the final 1/8th of all teams standing in their league.
As a Bomber makes you warm and fuzzy to look at things through rose coloured glasses like this.

Sure, some of the haters haven't really put much thought into it, they just want to hate for the reason just to hate. Of course, they don't watch the games and don't really know what's going on and really how difficult it is to win in an 8 team league and don't understand the number of wins concept either.

BIG 12 football is overrated they got blown out in the national title game.Give me power football over the spread formation anyday

Ya well aren't these NFL teams higher rated than those college teams ? Seems the NE Pats and the Indy Colts have had some pretty good success the last few years playing more of a Canadian style football too .

Really penn, Indy and the Pats have had success with the passing game? Never would have thought. :smiley:

It's win baby, just win, if it's your team and they don't play a style you want and they win, hmmm, everything's cool. Of course. :wink: