Cardinals vs. Packers CFL style football

Good to see a CFL style NFL playoff game. This type of high scoring shoot out usually does not happen in the NFl due to their rules and size of their field. Imagine, though , if the NFL played our rules and used our field - most games would be like this - wide open and wild!!! That is why the CFL is a better game!!! :cowboy:

where was the D, LOL? Quite the firewagon experience. The offenses played well, for the most part, but Rodgers sure did his Maxwell Smart impression "Missed it by that much!"

If this type of game was the norm for NFL football games, I would be tempted to say they should go to 3 downs to make it more difficult and have more punts and more a field position type of game as Canadian football is. It was entertaining for sure but with this score, I find a CFL game with the same score a better game since there is one less down per possession. It was a strange one that's for sure.

Agreed, if this was a CFL game I can hear the idiot anti CFL media saying how there is no defense.
Therefore a horrible game.
Like like most of us want to see a 7-3 NFL type yawner versus this even though I didn't watch but obviously was a blowout.

I'm a CFL fan first, but that was an awesome football game. The way it ended was pretty epic. Wild card weekend was pretty damn wild!

But no question that fumble in overtime had it been a CFL game the anti-CFL'ers and some of our esposed media types would be bashing the CFL saying it was because the players are crap etc. And also saying it's because the defenses are crap in the CFL etc., same old rhetoric they use.

Sorry, but are you not allowed to play defense anymore in the NFL?
Well that's what the media would have said anyways if this was the CFL. Anyways it was a good game, good finish too. Due to the NFL's stupid overtime (one of the worst rules in pro sports imo) this game could have ended on the coin toss, fortunately the defense made a huge play and saved us from what would have been a tragic finish.

Lastly for a guy who doesn't follow the NFL much, I correctly predicted all four playoff games!

This game showed that it is not the rules of the NFL that make for low scoring games but the mindset of so many NFL HC's and OC's .Afer all this game was under those same rules as before . There still are plenty of coaches that just love 2 yard running plays more then any other because that's just the way we've always done it.

The NFL is becoming more Canadian every year. Scoring is up in the nfl and I would say scoring is down in the CFL, though I am an ARGO fan, so the latter might not be true. heck the big 12 football is practacially Canadian football. Great game. saved the wild card weekend, Personally I thought the three other games were a bit boring.

Yup, basically any game that is a close game in a sport you like is interesting whether it's a high scoring affair or low scoring or whatever. You can have your favourite team in whatever league but if the score is so lopsided one way or another, it ends up being boring. But people use the word 'classic' in many ways, people who are into low scoring affairs that's a close game will say it was a classic whereas for others to say it's a classic, it has to be a wild west shootout, still close of course. All in the eye of the beholder sometimes.

That's true, generally. A low scoring game can be exciting, or it could be deadly dull. . . I recall (although I've tried to forget) those 2 games early last season between Toronto and Winnipeg. . . they were low scoring, and close. . . but deadly dull.

I did happen to watch most of the Arizona~Green Bay game. My main impression was not that it was a 'classic' nor that it resembled CFL football. . . my main impression was how in the world did 2 teams with such abysmal defences make the playoffs??

Looking at the game from the point of view of the defence, which I usually tend to do (I know I"m in the minority there), it was a horrid game.

Both teams have decent defences, though Green Bay did have a few injuries. My impression is that it was better offence than bad defence.

Some times offences just get rolling, and no defence can stop them.

I'm not so sure a wild card game can be a 'classic' really any more than two teams around a 500 record in a CFL playoff game could be called a 'classic'. I find that generally reserved for more of a divisional final type of game or a championship game, usually that is.

do you realize that 3 of the teams had 11-5 records? while another 3 were 10-6. Not exactly around a 500 record.

Fair enough FYB but a wild card is still a wild card, doesn't really get me going like what is now the case in the NFL from here on in. Wild card stuff just doesn't cut if for me, I can't explain it even though for sure the records of the teams are great in many cases. Too far from the final, maybe that's it, like Stanley Cup playoffs first round. One thing I like about the CFL, playoffs, very close to the GC, makes it more interesting in my mind. Just like baseball way back when no championship series, just regular season and then World Series, worked better for me. Most leagues excepting the CFL have too many playoff rounds.

The NHL, NBA, and NFL all have four rounds. The CFL has three. Not that big of a difference. :wink:

and if the CFL was ever able to successfully expand as most would like, it would also go into 4 rounds.

That was not a CFL style game … That was an Arena Football styled game.
Lets be frank… there has not been a game like that in the CFL in a very very long time.
Sure we have had high scoring games…but generally it is because of huge kick returns and turnovers that cause a short field that teams rack up the points.
There has not been a CFL team that has driven the ball down the field (atleast 60 yards)for 4 or five consecutive touchdowns in a very very long time…
If you wanted to state that the game was similar to an early 90s CFL…then you could have a point.
However The CFL sees alot more punting then scoring drives these days.
The fact that seven of eight teams had thousand yard rushers this season kind of drives the point home.
Furthermore for a QB to throw 30 touchdowns in a season is now a rarity… There are only a handfull of QBs presently in the league that have even done it once.
Most teams barely average 1 TD pass per game in the last few seasons.

And what you're saying CFL basically is the 3 downs regardless of the other rules is tougher than 4 downs regardless of the rules.

Exactly the way it should be in my books. 4 downs is too many in my books.

ahhh, what do you know about football anyhow :twisted: