Cardinals & Tiger Cats

Yes, yesterday’s loss was another stinker. At least we didn’t have to witness it live, oh, and the sun did come up today.

We’re most likely going to settle for another .500 season. Yes, it’s been disappointing, but it’s the post-season that matters.

Consider the World Series Champions, St. Louis Cardinals, finished their season basically at .500, were considered out of the playoffs in early August, were underdogs in every playoff series they played, were two outs away from defeat - twice - in Game Six and yesterday held a victory parade - all without their pitching ace.

This CFL season has proven anybody can beat anyone else anytime. If our guys mail the last two regular season games in and then win in November I’m sure we’ll all be happy fans. This year isn’t over yet; let’s continue to support our team to the last play.

Thanks for a little bit of positive Oakham. A lot of the fans stay on the site all winter long talking about our beloved team, it would be nice if they could give us some positive play before the long winter moves in. :thup:

Next week has Winnipeg at Calgary and Montreal at B.C., so it's quite conceiveable that both eastern teams could lose and if the Ti-Cats win, they'd finish 1 game behind both Winnipeg and Montreal who are very beatable right now.

I certainly haven't given up on this team. They can be very dangerous.

I haven't given up on them at all, but its the fact that we could finish so close behind them that really pisses me off because we have played so many horrid games this year. This team has the potential to put up over 50 points a game but as we showed last week we can also score 3...

Absolutely! The last two games of the regular season, for us, are nothing games. Wins would do nothing for us in the standings and quite frankly would set us up for perhaps an even bigger letdown in the play-offs.

I get a kick out of the rubbish coming from some "I won't renew my season's tickets...blah, blah, blah". :roll: Grow up and realise that as fans we can only support the team.

A new season starts in just over a week...a season that each game is all or nothing. We only need to win 3 games and you "naysayers" will all sing a different tune! :wink:

If the team falters in the play-offs then sure...cry me a river, but then and only then should we look forward to changes in the team. Sure you can relish in your self pity and claim you were right, but really as a Ticat fan wouldn't you really rather have a Grey Cup Win?

Support your team...the play-off wins are what we really want and need. :thup:

How dare you try to be positive on a site like this. I know you aren't new here so I just can't figure out why you would start a post like this amid all the pissing and moaning going on here. :lol:

I, too, will applaud your efforts at positivity ... all told, a .500 record is not horrible ...

The example of the St.Louis Cardinals actually plays right into my belief about this team ... The manager of the Cards just happens to be one of the All-Time greatest - a true tactician, and leader of men. Marcel Bellefuille is neither.

Tony Larussa is a real leader of men. He led Jose Canseco and Mark McGuire right to the hall of shame. That is certainly a contribution to baseball history that fans will remember. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I'm sorry, but Larussa can't hear you - he's cleaning his World Championship RINGS out of his ears.

He was their manger - not their daddy.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

The Cardinals had Heart Something this Team Lacks.

This Thread is a Laugh Thanks I need it .. But then again The Cats Are Laughing Stock.
This year is like the past 3 inconstant Poop
There better get that checked.
The Sales Staff is still trying to get me re-up with new Shiny bucket


I'll save my 400.00 This year..

Actually the team is better off without you. You have no loyalty and the laugh is that the team has bent over backwards to accomodate you even treating you like a "real" reporter and giving you access to players and you repay them by bashing them and making it personal by questioning their heart. I think it's ignore time.

Why don't you leave these forums? Your not a season ticket holder next year or a true fan. All you do is bash the management and the team. Your negative in every aspect towards this team.

Myself and I'm sure many others on these forums are tired of reading your comments that are always negative, you not renewing, and saving $400, blah blah blah.

Take the money and go down to Detroit.

Us true fans will continue to support the team into the playoffs and next year at Ivor Wynne for the final year, and then we will support them in the new stadium, like true fans!

I agree with this 100%.

Not only has the team accommodated you, but so have fans.
When you couldn't afford to attend a playoff, and people helped you out.
Ridiculous with lack of support and loyalty.

It was other FANS who paid for his ST this year!

So he has saved 400$$ for a couple years now!

If don't like comments The add me to foe button my post will not be view-able to you
I will continue to post so if don't like it suffer or add me to your foe list

Hay I paid for my ticket this year
The Cats always allow me paid when I could
Just not happy with what I am getting for my Money

Yeah go away please

So again, they accommodated you when you weren't able to make payments, and then you go and bash the organization.

So I guess if they didn't let you make late payments you'd be asking for your ticket representative or Jim Edmonds to be fired.

I agree that this team hasn't played that great at times, and their a .500 team.

I must say that I've left a happy fan and thought I got my money's worth at least 6 times.

Pre-season: Montreal 20 Hamilton 57
Week 3: Saskatchewan 3 Hamilton 33
Week 5: Montreal 26 Hamilton 34
Week 7: Toronto 32 Hamilton 37
Labour Day: Montreal 21 Hamilton 44
Week 17: BC 10 Hamilton 42

Considering those performances, it was worth every cent to renew next year.

Maybe you should sell that expensive TV of yours, since its not producing the results your wanting to see from the Tiger Cats when their on the road..

So many injuries on this team unfortunately. Who knows. :?

The Sales staff is Great Including Jim.

It Football Ops team of Obie and Marcel I am not happy with .

it has nothing to do with Business side of Ticat Football

they been good to me I just want to see

10 or 11 Win Season
Us Hosting a East Final

They all I wanted and Would have Renewed.

This what told my Rep..