Cardale Jones

Lotto 6/49-ish longshot but Als could be an option for him to get while developing his NFL prospects rather than becoming a 5th round practice squad guy who could get lost in the shuffle. Less money but maybe a better chance to get a legit NFL shot in 3-4 years.

Alouettes have negotiation rights for Ohio State QB Jones

This [declaring/returning/transferring] will be a tough call for Jones. To me, he should transfer somewhere he knows he can play. He clearly wants to have an NFL career. And if academics matters to him now, he can find a good place for that, too.
[i]... But there are many personal factors for him to weigh. Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated wrote a lengthy cover story about Jones, detailing his tough upbringing. According to the story, Jones does not know his dad, and his mom worked multiple jobs while he was growing up. He does not have the best relationship with her, either, and said that she only started getting involved in his life after he became a star football player.

Jones and his girlfriend also recently had a daughter. So you can't blame a guy for taking money if it's there for him and he needs it.[/i]

Diapers can be expensive.

Interesting prospect. Has the tools, is the right age. If he decides to leave school, I’d send Calvillo and Popp to work him out if I was the Als.

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Staying at Ohio State. Smart choice

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Get an agent to sign him "under the table" for unlimited diapers and babyfood, out the deal and the Als are his only choice.


Unless it would work


Still kidding

I agree, it is the right choice. He wasn't assured of being drafted, or at least not in a round to make serious money, and even then could have been relegated to the practice squad; which is not a common start to a long and prosperous NFL career.

But Ohio State is, I believe, returning all three QBs who started last season, and the other two had played well enough to enter Heisman talk. So playing time, let alone starting, is not guaranteed at this point. He will be in an even lesser position for the 2016 draft should he sit for all significant minutes all season.

Meyer says there is no deal in place but how do you let a guy who won a National Championship for you sit on the bench. Fans will want to see him on the field and maybe he works hard enough to get his degree. I'd keep him on the neg list and Russell Wilson can come off of it :lol: