Tough win tonight against an impressive McGill squad. Over 5,000 on hand. Nice to have some football while we wait for the als to return. sunday it's Laval at Concordia. I plan on attending all 9 Carabins games hoping they'll do what no Montreal team has done since Michael Soles, Charles Baillie and the 1987 Redmen. Next game in Quebec sept.10 Tony Proudfoot's b-day. Hope they can keep it close. :slight_smile:

and it was nice to see Mike Pringle in the house tonight as a special guest coach. :thup: Good oleโ€™ Mike.

Just got back from the CEPSUM. Niiiice win for Maciocia's boys over the Rouge et Or in front of a sellout crowd. A cheerleader had to be hospitalized just when the suspense was at its peak with Laval leading 12-11 and 1:30 remaining.

That won't prevent Laval from finishing first but Constantin looked like he was getting outcoached at the end of the game.

Didn't know that Pierre Vercheval was a special consultant for Laval. Saw him on the field after the game.

I don't know if HfxTC is a St-Mary's fan but after losing 11-10 to MTL they now won 1-0 by forfeit. oh well. :wink:

Allez les Bleus et les Als. :thup: :thup:

Too bad Montreal had to forfeit that game, it would have made the RESQ more interesting. At least the win over Laval was very interesting, good job Carabins!