Cappicciotti re-signs, E Davis cut

They couldn't trade Davis for something?

Glad #94 is back though, I thought he played well last year.

Surprisedto hear Emmanuel is gone.

I thought he would continue to be here…

Relieved to read that Capicciotti has been re-signed.

Davis was not even dressing and carried a large salary. Negative trade value. He will perhaps thrive with another team but he was not given that chance down the stretch here. Good to hear JC back on board. A nice National rotational D-Lineman.
Overall a good news announcement.

ED was an Austin guy. This could be part of the "house cleaning" at work...

Hey, TiCats, wake up.

After some solid play Davis got a raise and was supposed to be an impact player and anchor the secondary.

He wasn't.

he was on a one year deal anyway. Released him early so to give him a head start on FA

Well I guess that whichever team eventually signs Davis will be winning the Cup this year . I mean isn't that what always happen with ex Ti-Cat players when we let them go ?

All kidding aside I'm sure that Chop won't be unemployed for very long . Somebody will scoop him up . I'm sorry but not really surprised to see him let go . It was rather obvious that when Jones took over that Davis wasn't one of his favourites . It became rather apparent when he was healthy scratched the last 5 games of the season as Jones went with the rooks in the backfield instead of the more experienced E.D.

Nope, signed a 2 year contract last off season.

Dropping Davis gives us some more cap room . Being a healthy scratch after a previous all star season makes you wonder. Good luck to Chop in Toronto . I'm assuming that's where he'll land . The Argos seem to like our DBs .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Davis was not as physical as he should be, often turtling instead of hitting. Writing was on the wall for him after he was benched last year.

There were 3 TiCats "goats" in the '15 Eastern Final --The one who couldn't catch a ball thrown right at him, the one who couldn't cover (or terribly misjudged the flight of the ball), and the one who couldn't tackle. Shortly after, the team allowed two of them to go elsewhere and then, unfortunately, hung onto the the third to miss many more tackles over two more seasons. Now they're all gone.

The Capicciotti signing is an important one among our potential F.A.s.

I liked ED when he was at the top of his game, but injuries turned him into a different player. Davis was basically in the same boat as Collaros...lots of nicks, big contract, no production. He had to go. The cash can be better spent on re-signing guys like Tasker, or free agent targets.

Capiciotti's signing (and the development of McGough behind Capiciotti) might mean that the Ticats are willing to let Laurent walk.

I think letting Laurent walk would be a mistake. Would like him back if a reasonable deal can be made. But if he is released, I hope we take a run at Zack Evans.

No Ticat defender looked good on that play but WOW did Gainey ever cough up a fur ball at a really bad time…

Seemed like Davis wasn't getting any playing time later in the season (ie when the cats were starting to play well)

maybe it was injury related, maybe he just didn't fit the system. Either way... Glad Justin's back.

FYI - Gerbear has not logged in to this site since December. He may not even be seeing your repeated messages to him. (The rest of us are, though.)

Anyone who can’t wait to see the complete dismantling of the best Ticat team of the past 15 years, the 2015 squad, will be happy to know that we are almost there.

I count four starters remaining from the offence, assuming Toliver makes it back (five if Tasker re-signs, six if Fantuz comes back). And three left on defence (four if Laurent re-signs).

This is a head scratcher, Cats are true to form, He’ll be an All Star on another team. Meanwhile I’m getting Bombarded with EMails to renew season tickets. WTF

He might end up being an all star, but it sure didn’t look like he was gonna be one here again. Gotta assume it was a system thing?