Capital P for pathetic

....Crappy reffing aside.....Mr. Miller you have A LOT of work to do...This team is a huge pile of nothing.....Coaches right on down :thdn: ...I would expect the nfl airlift to begin shortly...IF we can in fact talk any player into coming to a state of the art stadium that is home to this pathetic bunch calling themselves a team. :thdn: :thdn:

....I'm going to make a few suggestions.....Sit Matthews...he stinks to put it bluntly,...If he thinks he;s got an nfl shot...keep dreaming....Bring in some dbs....Their coverage isn't even cis quality....Get rid of Crowton and his zero offence....O line needs a few quality players...try to make a deal for a canuck o line man....That's just a suggestion for starters....Rebuild a definite in 2013 and we will be picking near the top in the 2014 draft once again....There will be some coaching changes....Burke should be a little worried :thdn:

Anyone who thinks this team's talent level is on par with others in this league need to re-evaluate. O-line is absolutely pathetic; QB has no chance to succeed behind these guys and poor Simpson gets mauled almost immediately upon receiving the hand off. The line also has no mobility as well, meaning they can't even set up a simple screen pass effectively. If the D-line doesn't get any pressure on the QB, the defense is completely screwed because the linebackers have no clue where they need to be and the secondary is beyond bad, they're completely useless. Safty Muamba is actually every bit as bad as Logan and I didn't even think that was possible. People can blame the coaches for these problems if they like, but it doesn't matter who steers the ship when there's rocks everywhere.......

On a brighter note, at least the play of Woods was encouraging. Other than failing to concede a single on the missed FG (he was trying to make something happen since the offense couldn't) he did a nice job tonight. Unfortunately, that was about the only bright spot I can find. It's going to be a fun week again in Bomberland!

Plain and simple, this team was vastly inferior to a 2/4 Cats team.Tell me again how Mack was good at finding talent.We need to continue the rebuild.Crowton should be next.But all is not without hope ,Miller will not put up with it.More changes are coming.Hall looks like he has promise, kholert simply catches everything thrown his way,and Edwards is still a player.

Edwards is a gamer. He continued to make plays even when it was clear he was hurt. Matthews…sophmore jinx? unfocused? Just way too many drops. Time to threaten to sit Denmark again. Last time he had a monster game and has been relatively invisible since and tonite he had no fight to get the ball on the chances he had.

Hall… had some moments like Goltz before him. Completely ineffective coming out of halfime, just like every other QB under Crowton. I thought one of the things they really liked about him was his composure…which was totally lacking late in the game. Once that gimme pick was dropped he started forcing the ball into bad spots and unraveled from there. It started early in the game when cameras caught him jawing with Ticats defenders IMO. When your starting QB starts yapping with the opposition, more often than not that’s a not a good sign. Some think that’s intensity, I think that’s losing focus.

Secondary - some are blaming the pass rush but I though most of the night they had a decent rush on Burris. Burris just was good enough to give himself an extra second or two by stepping up in the pocket or stepping out. His receivers seemed to be getting a pretty good cushion all around from the secondary. Just a couple of years after being such a good group forcing INTs this secondary which is mostly intact can’t pick off the ball and can’t stick with a receiver for the better part of a game. And the LB core… Henoc is an impact player but he’s just a 2nd year starter with rookies on either side. I think Dunn and Wild have gotten better since their first starts but they can really use a little more experience there, just too young. The D also had no little to no answer for when Dan Lefevre sub’d in.

Deangelis didn’t have many kickoffs so it’s hard to judge on such a limited body of work, but on the surface he doesn’t seem to be any sort of upgrade of Palardy. His kickoffs looked pretty short.

1-Team obviously needs a QB or choose one at least.
2-Bombers could not establish any semblance of a running game. Oline is not good enough.
3-First two TD drives by Hamilton were aided with lazy penalties against the DB’s. Cauchy Mamba has terrible football instincts.
4-Corey Watson’s injury and the poor play of Chris Matthews leaves the team with Edwards as the only receiver who can make plays.

That’s 3 areas and about 8 to 12 starters that need to play better or be replaced.

Good on all those stalwart Bomber fans who turned out to support their team tonight. The season has been anything but rewarding for you. Being a Rider fan, I know exactly how you feel - been there too many times to count. The turmoil caused by all these firings is showing on the team and on the players. I earnestly hope that Wade Miller is the key that will change things around. I have heard good things about him. But changes don’t happen overnight and with the schedule the way it is times are still going to be tough. Have faith and look to the future, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will rise again.

Watching it live was even worse, this team is just full of bad players, thanks Joe Mack.

O-line, airlift time.
Secondary, airlift time.
And when we get first pick in the draft, maybe we shouldn't pick who's thought to be the best, but pick a local boy. At least we know he'll want to stay and play near home, not like the many who after 2 years say it's time to move on and end up back at their hometown team.(Picard !)
This is the worst bomber team ever. Even when we had Kelly and Reinbold teams, there was at least some hope.

Ottawa gets to pick first in the draft.

TBH, I think at this point the best thing to do is to write off this year and start playing guys in preparation for next year. Things are such a mess right now that there is going to be a house cleaning anyway.

Hate to say it, Dan, but I think you’re correct; this is the worst.

Tim Burke, since taking over from Paul LaPolice, is what, 5-12?

Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him and Crowton as being the next to walk the plank.

Personally, I’d ask Burke to accept a demotion back to defensive coordinator where he belongs. He’s a good defensive coordinator; he’s just not cut out to be a head coach (as in Richie Hall, Greg Marshall, Garry Etcheverry, et. al.)

Note to Wade Miller: When you’re confused and not sure what to do, just call Tridus… He’s got all the answers and he’s got that " HA HA, told you so," attitude down pat.

Everyone dumps on the players - and I'll agree there are one or two in each area that needs to go, but you can't fault all the players when the coaching stinks!

OC and DC are particularly bad, and Burke looks lost as an HC! The players don't stand a chance in this situation.

......There will be many changes coming....Burke, Crowton and Creehan have to be on their way out...Most likely the reason for Bellefeuille being brought on board.....He's going to replace somebody...Just waiting for the announcement....This is undoubtedly the worst team in the CFL....Watching this club perform in the new stadium is a disgrace and insult to the fans...I hope Mr. Miller and Walters have their sleeves rolled up because they have to get down to business and start making some deep decisions....Crowton should be gone NOW...We've seen enough and we are just delaying the inevitable....I have to agree with MadJack...Burke is not head coach material....Ask him to remain as d co-ordinator and dump Creehan....We may have to wait a little while on these moves but they're also inevitable....Pursue Dave Dickensen in the least have him on speed dial...Bring in Khari Jones as qb. coach next year but firstly add a credible potential no 1 qb....That's a start to remake this team...If this continues, I'm afraid a good book will replace the Bomber game that I love to watch...When papa says that, you have to know I'm disgusted, disillusioned and mad as hell...I admire wolverine for finding 'some positives' with this team but it's time to face reality and get on with trying to get back at least a little respectability :x :oops: Good luck Wade Miller..

I remember thinking it was odd that so many teams were passing on Burke as a head coach and hiring someone else instead. Not that he has any chance of success with this squad, because he doesn't, but he truly seems lost and downright pathetic at times. One of those guys that should stick with being a co-ordinator I guess.

This is a WAG THE DOG scenario. Does the coach have no chance with these players, or do these players have no chance with this coach? In my opinion this entire coaching staff is in over their heads and need to be replaced, or at least - demoted! It’s not likely to be the latter because of ego’s - which is a shame, because Burke is a better than average DC.

I agree that there is no one on the Bombers current coaching staff who is worth retaining. They have all underperformed. Next year, if Wade Miller has any brains, he will fire everyone, coaching-wise, and make Buellefuelle GM/HC. Then Buellefuelle can start hiring his own people, and begins building the Bombers back up again. That will put the Bombers right about where the Ticats were 3-4 seasons ago, but that's life when your old GM was content with being on cruise control for 3 years straight.

What is it about Bellefeuille that makes people think he'd turn things around in Winnipeg? Maybe he'd be a decent hire as a co-ordinator or even head coach in a pinch, but why on earth would anyone want him to run the football operation? Guess I must have missed the memo about his ability to turn water to wine......

Couple of good points made. Probably a reason why other teams have passed on making Burke a HC. Have to wonder if move to fire LaPo was made at the end of last season instead of midseason whether Burke would've gotten the job.

Also with Bellefeule, he may be an upgrade over Crowton but there was a good piece in the Wpg Sun I think (seems odd to admit that) charting his coaching history in the CFL and it showed most everywhere he's gone the run game has been good but the passing game average at best. I'm not sure he's a good bet to elevate the team in all aspects.

Watching this lions-stamps game, you clearly see a difference in intensity compared to the way some of the bombers showed up to play the Cats. With Lewis being down and the way some of the stamps receivers have been letting the ball go through their hands, wonder if we could convince them Matthews would do well for them with the change in scenery. We won't get a QB but maybe could pry a decent player out of it. The way Matthews has played of late, we're better off going with Doug Pierce or Isaac Anderson.

I'd also like to see the Bombers trade a few players that may be of interest to others teams (Johnson and Mathews are the best examples) and start gathering picks for the re-build already. Stock up on the best young Canadians available because the imports are much easier to find. Hell, even Mack found the odd one here and there!

Wouldn't it be nice to have Elimimian or Bighill patrolling the middle of the defense......never mind BOTH!