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The Canadian Football League Board of Governors today ratified a comprehensive Salary Management System providing the foundation for effective competitive balance and improved financial stability for all CFL member clubs going forward.

The comprehensive ‘Made In Canada’ system, developed by a Committee of owners and operators, was presented today at the League’s winter meetings. The multi-point plan covers a wide topic list including competitive balance, annual salary expenditure maximums, roster management, compliance monitoring and enforcement.

In announcing the Board’s decision, Commissioner Tom Wright reinforced the importance of achieving the landmark agreement for the health and vitality of the CFL. “This is an extraordinary day for this League. We have collectively agreed on a system that will provide our fans with the assurance that each and every team can compete on a level playing field year-in and year-out. The new Salary Management System provides all Member Clubs with greater financial stability through the mechanism of cost certainty.�

Highlights of the new system will be outlined during a teleconference to be convened on Wednesday, January 18th at 12:30pm ET (10:30am MT), attended by Commissioner Wright and Committee Chair, Ted Hellard, President and Owner of the Calgary Stampeders from the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel in Arizona.

THANK GOOOOOODNESS....i was gonna turn my back on the league if this didnt go thu.

That is fantastic news for the league.

I honestly didn't think they would approve a cap.....I'd be interested to hear who voted against it.....good for the CFL.....a little more parity can't hurt.....



if its on tv, i'll tape it, then take notes and report it on here....im sure the cfl.ca site will make its own article.

anyways...heres a poll on tsn.ca/cfl : do u favor the cap, yes or no...go and vote!

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp?content=20060117_221856_5736]http://www.sportsnet.ca/cfl/article.jsp ... 21856_5736[/url]

The CFL will have a new salary cap for 2006.

The league announced Tuesday that its board of governors ratified a new cap on the first of two days of meetings in Scottsdale, Ariz. The CFL didn't divulge the amount of the cap but it has been widely reported that commissioner Tom Wright intended to table a proposal that would increase the cap to $3.8 million from the existing $2.6 million limit.

It's generally accepted throughout the league that all nine teams exceeded that limit in 2005.

"This is an extraordinary day for this league," Wright said in a statement released late Tuesday night. "We have collectively agreed on a system that will provide our fans with the assurance that each and every team can compete on a level playing field year in and year out.

"The new salary management system provides all member clubs with greater financial stability through the mechanism of cost certainty."

The CFL did not provide specific details, but did say the new plan also covers competitive balance, annual salary expenditure maximums, roster management, compliance monitoring and enforcement. Wright is expected to shed more light on the new deal during a conference call Wednesday.

All the CFL needs now is acceptance of the new cap by the CFL Players' Association for it to become official.

Wright needed six of the nine governors to accept the salary cap for it to pass at the board level.

The adoption of a new cap has long been a priority of Wright's. At his annual Grey Cup news conference, he listed salary management as his top goal for 2006, and set out establishing a committee made up of Bobby Ackles (B.C.), Rick LeLacheur (Edmonton), Howard Sokolowski (Toronto), Ted Hellard (Calgary) and Bob Wetenhall (Montreal) -- ironically, regarded among the CFL's biggest salary cap offenders -- to resolve the problem.

Getting league governors to agree on a salary management system could prove to be a huge feather in Wright's cap. Heading into the meetings, the prevailing talk throughout the CFL was that the vote on a new cap was essentially a vote on Wright's future with the league.

Wright is in his fourth season as CFL commissioner, but only has the security of a one-year contract extension that expires following the 2006 Grey Cup in Winnipeg. Wright had sought a long-term deal last summer, but couldn't garner the necessary support and instead was offered the one-year extension with no raise in pay.

His ability to persuade the board to accept a new cap could be important for his long-term fate because acceptance would signify that Wright had the support of at least six of the nine governors. That might allow Wright to again approach the board about a long-term extension.

Wright would need to have seven of the nine governors on board to get a new contract.

Wright's biggest dissentors are Wetenhall and B.C. Lions owner David Braley, two of the league's power brokers who voted against giving him a contract extension.

Wright also drew Wetenhall's ire earlier this month when Wright fired Ed Chalupka, the league's longtime senior vice-president of football operations.

Hamilton owner Bob Young was also against giving Wright a long-term extension but did relent in supporting the one-year deal. Young has no personal axe to grind with Wright but reportedly has questioned whether he has the business savvy required to boost league revenues to the point where all CFL teams can either break even or make a profit.

The Ticats have enjoyed an amazing turnaround under Young, who has hired a dynamic front-office staff that has helped the CFL club sell most of its seats and corporate sponsorship opportunities at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Yet, the Ticats continue to lose money.

If Wright can take the necessary steps towards making the CFL member clubs at least break even -- and a salary cap is seen as an important first step -- then he might be inclined to lend his support of Wright on a long-term extension.

i think Tom Wright should get another 1-year extension...see how the cap works. maybe he should hire someone ( unless thats why he hired the guy from molson ) who bob considers business savy enough to get more league revenues.

Very Nice a very positive step forward :slight_smile:

Whats Edmonton going to do now :roll:

What can I add, a historic day and a great day for the greatest league on the planet!

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/News/2006/01/18/1399814-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 4-sun.html[/url]

The Canadian Football League is entering a new era.

The league's board of governors has ratified a new salary management system, which means every team will be living under a revised salary cap this year.

"This is an extraordinary day for this league," said commissioner Tom Wright.

"We have collectively agreed on a system that will provide our fans with the assurance that each and every team can compete on a level playing field year-in and year-out."

Although the league didn't reveal specific figures last night, sources indicate it's a $3.8-million cap for player salaries for each team.

On paper, it's a huge jump from the $2.6-million cap from the 2005 season, but most believe every team ignored that cap as enforcement was non-existent. The new cap comes with compliance monitoring and enforcement, according to the CFL head office.

It's a dream scenario for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers - community-owned teams constantly fighting to stay above the poverty line, let alone compete for high-priced free agents with deep-pocketed teams in Edmonton, Montreal and Vancouver.

Besides bringing cost certainty and more financial stability, the new salary system also appears to call for two additional players - one import and one non-import - for each club, bringing the roster to 42 players.

The highlights of the new system will be revealed today from the governor meetings in Arizona - but the initial news spread like wildfire across the country late last night.

"I have got absolutely no problems with (the new cap)," said Edmonton Eskimo head coach Danny Maciocia from Montreal. "It makes (the league) more competitive and it means you are going to have to spend your dollars wisely.

"It means you are going to have to do your homework as far as the draft is concerned and your personnel people down south are going to have to be on the ball."

Under the old guidelines, the Eskimos were considered one of the big rollers. According to sources, the average team payroll was $3.5 million in 2005. A Toronto radio station suggested yesterday the Esks spent between $4.1-$4.3 million, however COO Rick LeLacheur didn't reveal the club's salary budget when questioned last week.

Regardless, receiver Ed Hervey doesn't believe the new cap will hurt the team: "Most players want to come here and they will take $30,000 less because Edmonton is built on winning championships. It doesn't matter how much you spend, it's how you treat people."

The new salary system will need to be approved by the CFLPA, but president Stu Laird sounded positive.

"I would say that (the $3.8-million cap) is in the range we are thinking of, but you need to see the language in the document before you can decide," he said.


42 PLAYERS!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!! but what about making a Canadian QB mandatory?

no more excuses from rider fans...lol

Considering there was a quip in the Leaderpost that the Riders were in the top three in spending, there should never have been excuses in the first place.....

drumming god, I'm sure no matter how well the cap is enforced, Rider fans will continue to whine about how everyone except themselves is cheating and there is no way they can win. Same old story I'm sure we'll hear.

.....starting the generalizing and Rider fan bashing early this season, are we? :roll:

i just read a comment on the ti-cat forum, and it said: the rider fans wont have excuses this year, but im sure they will think of something…lol

reminded me of how much people here dislike rider-whining.

Well there is always the reffing to complain about, seems the priders have that number down..
Congrats to the CFL and new cap...GO BOMBERS GO..

anyone know what the cap is in the NFL, and what thier TV contrat pays them each year????

Uh you forgot the "Blaming the Refs conspiracy!"