Cap impeachment for 2013

OK. I had initially responded to a comment to the effect that there was nothing "wrong" with going over. Of course there is.

So if you go over by $99,999.99 you only get a $99,999.99 fine. That is very reasonable for a team as the riders who have no money issues.
Say that John Chick does not make an NFL roster I would think that the riders would surely sign himif it means going over the cap for less than 100K.
I think a situation like that where you can bring in a player that can be a huge difference maker in the right situation knowing there will be a raise coming next seasons TV deal. It won't be done just to do it

To be honest, if the right player was available it would be tempting to even break the 100k mark...though that would be a very hard decision and would obviously villinify the given GM.