Canucks make Offer to buy Lions

At least half of MLS teams are reported to be profitable and the newer teams are among the most profitable, so the “stupid individuals” are proving to be hardly so. But whatever brings you comfort.

I still can’t seem to read a thread in these forums without running into people’s neurotic obsession with MLS. Get over it. It is no threat to the CFL.

MLS is doing something right as they are selling the right to rent a franchise @ 200 million US and some of the income is the division of the franchise fees. Not many more places they can go however and talk of any additional CDN clubs will probably not happen as the economics are not favorable. CDN clubs will not find many buyers for 200-250 million US if in trouble and US destinations are much fewer to sell to. Also CDN clubs pay salary in US and collect CDN. Already a 30% hit.

Forbes reported 2016 results and have the big clubs loosing money. NYCFC -9mill NYRB -5, TFC - 9, Chi - 6 Montreal -3 Van - 3 reported in US dollars. If Montreal and Vancouver were to spend on players like TFC or NYRB/FC they will loose 10 - 20 million US. Lets hope they can continue to rent these franchises for 200 + or the model is broken and clubs will want to sell.

Never understood why so many so called CFL "fans" want all other leagues and clubs to fail. Mystery to me. Very Trump like. In order to succeed someone has to go bankrupt.

Certainly in Vancouver the success of the Whitecaps is integral to the success of BC Place which aids the Lions and the Province.

CFL fans in TO are always defending the league from a lot of negativity. Rogers and TFC fans have needled us so much that the resentment is deep and has turned to something much worse. If you gauge a league by the quality of players available to it then the CFL ranks at the top and NHL at the bottom. Why? - NCAA and the 72K playing this sport in the US. In fact add all the players in the NCAA from every other sport in TO and it won't add up to the 72K. Include all the Major Jr A players in N.A. in the total and it still doesn't equal the football numbers. Still no respect. Every year, 1/4 of them become draft eligible, more than any other sport. Statistically what would that tell you. NFL taking 256 and CFL 50 including U sports. Want proof - type NCAA players to turn pro

Lets see if MLSE makes some bullshit announcement when P & T are announced by the Argos. Rogers has a lot of smart people over there so if they wanted us to turn on them and everything they stand for/own they got their wish. Does that explain some of it

Nope. It explains nothing. Just petty defensive crap actually.

I believe part of the valuation metrics is 'relocation' potential if a franchise were to be moved. Irrespective of 'revenue' and other calculations that go into franchise valuations, CFL clubs are worth so much less than MSL due to the fact that there are very few (any?) places CFL teams can go.

As for the Aquilini Group buying the Lions, they are smart to partner with David Sidoo, a local financier with deep football roots and deep pockets. He has pumped a lot of money into the previously moribund UBC football program. I hope Mr. Sidoo becomes the "Trevor Linden" of the Lions. Really smart and decent guy (and former CFL player).

My guess is Aquilini will make inquiries with the BC government about the cost of purchasing BC Place (in whole or in part). What I DON'T want to have happen in all of this is: any change to club logo (although that new helmet design can go anytime!), team colours, or team name. Also, I don't want any of this potential acquisition to lead to NFL tire kicking - even preseason games. The Seahawks have sufficiently eaten into this football market, thank you.

Yeah. Sidhoo is an interesting guy. However be careful what you wish for. If you know him at all you will know he wants to be very hands on. Some say good stuff. Some say he really wants to run things.

I think your right about the relocation value. That's what inflates the value. CFL owners I suspect would like to have 2 SRR type stadiums ready in some other cities. It's an insurance policy.

Why no Shaw in the mix to buy? Also if the stadium is available it might be smart if the Lions and CFL were part of this especially if it is a 25 million price tag like the sky dome. follow SSR and WBB model and their aggressive stadium plans. They paid far more and create/will create revenue from the outdoor stadiums. Bombers are doing this right now based on their 2015 financial statements

Helmet logo just cant translate to hats etc so I don't know why they don't switch back. Every detail matters

No offense Argo ...but WHAT?
Just say what you want to say.

You my friend are dreaming about 50% being profitable.
No chance maybe 3-4 teams at best breaking even.
Now you can get over it?

I wouldn't mind seeing the Lions change to this logo concept:

That's not bad. However for me, nothing beats their helmet logo from the 60s and 70s. There's a reason why the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys etc logos are still iconic today: simplicity!

(this would look better on a black background, BTW).

Not fussy on it, Orange. Maybe, as you said, it would look better on a helmet.

This I like!

The one things we ALL agree on is… The Lions need a change at the top! I just hope Mr. Braley swallows his pride (no pun intended) and walks away with his head held high.

I agree both of those logos look better not sure if Braley had his finger on the change as he has been ill for awhile .

I am surprised when he caught a look at it he didn't react as he is an old time CFL guy who usually likes tradition .

They should change em back to the old style I actually like the uni of rhymes with orange tiny picture it just looks sharp , bold and simple .

You are right BigJoeM, David Braley is as old school as it gets. He was not a fan of the uniform change (according to former club president Dennis Skulsky on TSN1040 radio). It took considerable convincing to get him onside with the new home uniforms as Braley is strictly a fan of orange for the Lions (NOTE - the club has a long history with predominantly black uniforms with orange trim. These are not new. They wore black jerseys at home from 1960 - 1971 and 1990 - 2003). Notice how quickly the club ditched those gunmetal 3rds despite being hugely popular?? Only wore them 3x.

BTW, I don't think Braley OR Skulsky were fans of the new helmet logo either, which was designed by their millennial creative manager. Skulsky pretty much said as much, but they really wanted to appeal (pander?) to a younger fan base. :roll:

I prefer this one:

Agree. You can't go wrong with the 'paw on the helmet' logo. This helmet sticker was associated with their 'glory years' of 1963-4 with the likes of Joe Kapp and Willie Fleming. It adorned their helmets for 5 years (from 1962 through 1966), but was brought back in 2013 with the aforementioned 3rd uniform (gun metal with matte black helmets) that proved hugely popular with fans - but not management!

The black paw on white helmet version looks very nice also.