Canucks make Offer to buy Lions

Lets hope this moves forward. Lions too exciting to not fill the stadium. Found this info today about the Canuck owner making an offer on the Lions. League needs some resolution to the ownership issue. What is the stadium deal, does the team have a part in concessions?

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Got to get Braley as far away from the CFL as possible.

The article makes some good points. Braley needs to walk away but you can just feel his resistance - he probably wants to die owning the team. Problem is, if this potential owner loses interest, what do you have left?

Thank you, Mr. Braley, for everything you've done, but it's time to walk away.

Mr. Braley did say he wanted to sell one of his team's by the time he retired at 75, which he did, selling the Argos to 62.5% of MLSE which invested millions to convert BMO for Canadian football. He also said he might sell both teams, admitting he had multiple groups who had interest in purchasing the Lions.

The Stamps were actually valued at $20M when they bought majority control of the team (because that's what they reportedly paid for their shares.) That was before the TSN contract more than doubled...and sponsorships and merchandise revenue ballooned for many teams.

Braley asking $30M or $40M for the Lions is a bargain by any measure. The local Whitecaps are valued at 3 or 4 times more, despite having lower gross revenues than the Lions and much higher expenses (i.e. MLS teams are money pits)...both playing out of the fabulous 56,000-seat retractable dome B.C. Place stadium with the 2nd-largest video screen in North America.

NHL/CFL co-ownership is trending in many markets, Calgary; Toronto; in Ottawa with the RedBlacks/67's/Fury and now in Vancouver? With the emergence of CPL (Canadian Premier League soccer) teams which will be operated by several CFL franchises. Co-ownership of sports franchises is happening, big-time in Canada, my friends.

I believe this franchise co-ownership is a good thing for the long as these ancillary franchises make money and aren't a money-drain for their CFL team.

I thought he was dead, Weekend At Braley's.

Local ownership with deep pockets and a successful at least financially running a pro team. Mr. Braley should do the right thing. 20 to 25 million is probably the right price. Unless he’s got a better offer ???

I agree why does some anti CFL media always devalue the CFL properties.
It's the Rogers agenda, almost like fake news now a big deal in the States.
Every sports US wannabe league increases in value except our great institution with awesome TV revenues and numbers?
Hmm can you say conspiracy?

No protection for most Canadian Institutions except Bell and Rogers. Rogers being anti Canadian anyway. Both broadcasting mostly American programing.

Part that really bugs me is that Rogers must think there is an entitlement to the protection. Either protect with regulation, Canadian content rules similar to the music industry or let AT&T Comcast or any other US carriers in. We wouldn't see any difference in content except the price will be lower

I have no idea what a true value is for any CFL franchise might be. The Lions, Eskimos and Sask I know have some hard assets-real estate etc. Montreal/Toronto seem to have nothing tangible. For some buyers owning it at a loss pays off in other areas-cross merchandizing etc.
Certainly the value has to be tied somewhat to profit/loss I would think. Which is hard to determine for most without seeing the books. We do know that the public teams and certainly Sask are making money.

Its really easy. It is what ever someone is willing to pay for it.

Heh, that's the truth. But it's difficult for the fans and media to guess at that amount until we see a bill of sale, which never happens.

I completely agree, and it's happening more and more. One single owner, owning all the sports properties in a city, as it offers a lot of spinoffs. I for one hope that it does happen. $40 million though, is still pretty cheap, considering what the current TV deal is paying.

As far as the valuation of CFL teams, they've always been on the low end, and will stay low compare to MLS for one reason alone. CFL player contracts aren't worth a lot, because the only other individuals who would look to purchase them are the NFL (who for the most part already has the cream of the crop as far as players) or the Arena League or similar low end Football leagues, who simply put, can't afford most of them. MLS on the other hand, if say TFC went bankrupt, you'd have teams from all over the world bidding on those contracts at auction. That and the promise of one day, MLS TV revenue becoming realised in the US inflates the number.

As far as the CPL, one hopes it comes to fruition, the biggest question mark for those teams are in fact Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton. Winnipeg and Regina are both community owned, it's hard to justify investment to the public, in a league that from the get go, is expecting losses for likely the first 5-10 years. Edmonton, this situation is further compounded by FC Edmonton and the presence of the Fath's, who seem to have substantial investment in the NASL and don't seem willing to jump ship for any reason, but as a last resort.

The Redblacks paid $7M for a franchise fee to the CFL just to join in 2014.
This is without a Head Office, Stadium, practice facility, office staff, GM, Coaching staff, scouting staff , players, equipment, etc., etc., ...

IMHO $20M would be a steal, $30M would be reasonable and Braley would do well at $40M

Many US NHL teams and especially in the deep south and Arizona are losing a boatload of money annually, as hemorrhaging big time.
Yet their values remain artificially set high.
Same thing here in the city for the Crap Jays who have lost anywhere from $20M-$40M a year for the crooked Rogers with the TV programming allegedly offsetting this loss.
The ponzy scheme known as the MLS has three quarters of the team also in the red, but like PT Barnum said stupid individuals come forward to pay the absurd franchise fees.
There is no question based on the above irrational summary, that our best franchise the Riders now with a dream stadium and being what #3 in overall merchandise sale in the country is valued well north of $100M.

^^That sums it up nicely.^^

As the article states:

As for the buyers, they see a team struggling at the turnstiles which doesn’t share in the concession or parking revenue at The Dome. Back in 2012, the Stampeders were valued at $17 million when the Flames purchased a majority interest in the franchise and participation in the revenues generated at McMahon Stadium. That deal led one source to ask how the Lions could be worth north of $30 million if that was the price tag on the Stampeders.
He has been trying to unload the team for years but buyers are just turned off. No naming rights revenue, parking revenue, concessions etc, attendance slipping for the past 5 years and it's a sports franchise that can only generate revenue from 9 games a year. Let's hope that these potential buyers haven't kicked the tires and walked away because of the slow leak.

And yet, the Whitecaps play in the same stadium and are valued much higher?!?!

The Lions have a sweetheart Lease at BC Place, the best Stadium in the Nation with its retractable roof, it is true they have no concession or parking revenue, but, skytrain access means you don't need to park there, and there is a Costco right across the street where everybody grabs a $1.50 hotdog and pop before the game plus there are virtually 100's of fantastic places to eat and drink in the immediate area

The Lease is based on ticket sale revenue on it's 10 regular season games with the first $9M in ticket revenue rent free
Since 2013, the threshold of $9 million in net ticket sales has been tied to inflation and is the first of a six-step rent calculation for the 10 scheduled Canadian Football League home games. After the rent-free $9 million, the Lions are charged 10 per cent on the next million, 12.5 per cent on the next million, 15 per cent on the next million, 17.5 per cent on the next million and 20 per cent on all amounts over $13 million.


Playoff game rental is based on a $50,000 flat fee, plus $25,000 for reaching $750,000 in net ticket sales, an additional $25,000 for reaching $1 million, and 15 per cent on net amounts over $1.5 million.

The Lions also own exclusive rights to all football played at the Stadium, high school, University, CFL and NFL

here is the BC Lions lease for BC Place

[url=] ... -Contract/[/url]

In terms of ticket sale revenue, they have a ton of potential. They just have to sellout the place. How novel :slight_smile:

I hope that whoever does buy the Lions has enough sense to get rid of that ridiculous new helmet logo. The new jersey and pants are decent, but that helmet design has to go!