Canucks called upon to retire the orca logo

Another change the name/symbol is arising again as the Canucks are encouraged to retire the orca logo.

I, for one, was never a fan of it. Nothing Canuck about it.

But it troubles me that there's this movement to not have any Indigenous names or symbols in any of the sports teams.

Is it the right thing to do or is it getting out of hand.


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Yeah, I would like to see the Orca logo retired too for different reasons. Nothing to do with Cultural's just a bad logo IMO.

Hope they go back to the slanting skate...even the stick in rink is Canuck 'Vs' please

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have always disliked the Orca. Orca Bay is long out of the picture. Time to finally get at least a different Logo if not the Skate. I would also say that I wish they would go back to the black and yellow colors.

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That logo is my favorite of the Canucks lot.

That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!

The reason that they want it stopped is because the way it is drawn is appropriating indigenous art styles

Well then we should stop using using the our number system because after all they are Arabic numerals... Then of course we can't use Roman Numerals for obvious reasons

We have to stop all writing as well because the alphabet originated in the middle east...Then the Greeks altered it...can't offend those groups either

Enough is enough already


That logo needs to go but because it’s ugly, and makes no sense, not because of any cultural expropriation. That stuff, as we’ve seen unfortunately has gone too far. This logo is just ugly

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Havent heard that??

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That's what the beef is

I believe logo was chosen with any malice on the Canucks part.

I just sure why they went with the current logo back in 1997.

Along with the stick and rink logo, I wouldn't mind a v in the logo somewhere.

I like the word mark Vancouver going across like New York .

It's simple and looks good .

A second with Canucks instead of the city name would work with a sharp colour scheme .

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Would like the V shaped logo with Jonny Canuck on the shoulder.

A smaller Johnny Canuck symbol done right would be an interesting side or secondary shoulder crest would be interesting .
Letters like JVC to VC can be intertwined nicely .

Vancouver has had some of the worst uniforms in NHL history
As a kid growing up they were also one of the worst teams in NHL history (only NJ was worse back then, today they are 3rd worst team in NHL having better record than Carolina and Arizona)
No team has lost more games and worn uglier uniforms than Vancouver in the NHL

1970 - 78 those horrible boring blue hockey stick uniforms
1978 - 89 a chameleon wandered into the Canucks dressing room; and exploded (neon madness era)

1989 - 95 some sanity, uni are boring but not hideous

1995 - 97 those hideous red alt jerseys
1997 to present the ugly orce jerseys, colour changes a few times (more red in early days, more green in 07+)

Even the reverse retro combines two of the worst periods in Canucks anti-fashion

No Canadian team has ever worn uglier uniforms (and only a few US franchises even come close)

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BTW related story; Holtby apologizes for his Thunderbird Mask and promises no more native imagery on new design

Breaking news: the Ottawa Senators logo is now also racist. They didn't use a real Roman centurion in the logo and it wasn't designed by someone with Roman ancestry. :ice_hockey:


40 or 50 Eskimos got their way so now the floodgates are open. This will not end. Coming to a town near you.

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The Grand Chief of the Coast Salish Nation stated he has no issue with the orca logo.

Not sure what does the scholar get out of taking his position on this issue.

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He gets those valuable virtue signalling awards they give out .

Those stitches on Cheever's mask were making fun of victims of real hits to the face obviously that must be the conclusion .

He was way out of line with his victim hood of possible stitches from getting hit by the puck .


I guess I am in the minority but I like the Orca logo. It's better than the yellow and black Flying V and I owned both the home and away of that edition. Traveling between Vancouver and the Island its not uncommon to see whales, so for me its an appropriate logo.

As for cultural correctness, give me a break. Enough is enough. What makes any animal the exclusive symbol of a culture? Maybe we should ask the Orcas if they are offended? Which came first, the Orca or the Indigenous peoples?

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