Can't you guys wait until the body is cold ?

It ain't dead yet...pulse & vital signs are very low, but it ain't dead yet !

I was at the A Channel Townhall meeting & the fans in attendance still believed in a 2006 season !

Things will turn around and a lot of people here will be eating crow !

Look redwhite, I think that the fans in Ottawa are jealous that, for example, a city like Hamilton, a city with a reputation as a smelly, dirty, blue collar steel town, nothing going for it, has an owner that is well, what can you say, about as good as it gets, home town guy making it big in the computer biz and a very smart man to boot, with about a billion bucks. If I was in Ottawa, I would be sort of jealous of this too. Can you really blame them for not wanting the same? They need to vent on this, I don't blame them. You make some valid points for sure, but I know that jealousy has a way of hurting even the best of us at times.

This is where I have a hard time and agree somewhat with R&W2005. The Federiks were a freakin joke. Yet 28-30,00 fans still showd up to support the team.

I'd love to see a neutral person do some sort of study to find the root cause of all the Ottawa problems. Why do they attract bad owners? Why is there such a small hardcore group of fans? Just so many questions with no hard answers.....only speculation!

I think it has something to do with the fact that it is the seat of the federal government. For example, Washington had two ML Baseball teams that moved. The first Senators franchise moved to Minnesota (I think in the '60s) and the second Senators franchise moved to Texas in the '70s. Now they are on their 3rd time. So maybe if the Renegades fold, there will be another chance.

However I am hopeful that an owner can be found. If one is found before the season starts but too late for them to market the team and organise their administration, I kind of like the idea of having them play their games on the road. CFL fans across the country could really show how much they care about the league by going out to support the Renegades franchise. A full Commonwealth Stadium is about 3 homes games worth of crowds right there. Hell, they might even turn a profit!!

I think where I agree with Gades fans is that 30 years of poor marketing and managment of the team is the problem attracting young people to the game. I do not know about easter nteams but most western teams work very hard to get the young fan interested in the game. They will be your future fan base. Kids in the Ottawa area may not go to games because of this bad marketing. The fact of the matter is not all attendance but the concessions and the rental agreement. Yes, Earl they do deserve a good owner. But you do not laugh at prospective buyers because hey the guys sells real estate or trailers he would not be a good owner. But at this time that might be the only guy that can save the team. The thing here is get an owner and start packing the place if you want football. Oh and those city reps next election really give it to them.
How much money does a sport impact on the economics of the region? The City government is short sighted and are very greedy. Ask Winnnipeg how devastating it was to lose the Jets or Quebec losing the Nordiques! The economic spin off is huge for the community and the city.

Still the jerk, aren't you. Urban said Ottawa sucks and he wanted to buy the team to move it. THAT'S why we didn't want him, not because of what he does fora living.


Really the name calling save that for your City government buddy. Where did he say Ottawa sucks you said that. And really right now it sure looks that way. Urban did not like the rental agreement or the concessions agreement. so ya the guy said I will save the team but because of this agreement I want to move the team. And really the guy would lose 6 million and then move the team and I would not blame him. Melnyk thinks the same of the city government why do you think he walked away. Before calling someone names look in the mirror.

No need to worry Ottawa will be on the field in 06 withsome of the best players in the leaque. The Joseph / Pierce combo will be something to watch!!

2006 Ottawa Renegades Roster


QB.04.Kerry Joseph :!: ..........6'01"..215 lbs..10/04/73....I.....FA03...McNeese State......2009+

FB.##.Mark Pierce. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: To Be CFL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR ..........5'11"..238 lbs.....N/A......I.....FA06...Arkansas...........2009+

OG.66.Sandy Annuziata.......6'02"..300 lbs..10/11/69....N.....FA06...Western Ontario....2009+


How would you feel if f troop came back and bought the Stamps
for another go around?? Thought so.

Thats the hand Ottawa fans got dealt and i personally think they got

......screwed, yes, maybe, but the non-fans in Ottawa provided the condoms.......sorry that's a bit crude.......with this current edition of the club, Ottawa's had two owner groups walk away from the venture and difficulty in securing a third owner.....why?.....because of significant financial losses.....why are there losses?.....because they cannot get an adequate fanbase in Ottawa to pay the who is at fault for that?...........shared IMO...... is the same reason there is no team in Saskatoon, Windsor or Kelowna.........there are CFL fans sure, but not enough to generate a viable business income......

His exact words were

"Another year in Ottawa would be suicide and my feeling is everyone there is ready to bail out. Ottawa has proven it is not the right city,"

So that's as close to saying Ottawa sucks without using that exact word.

But the agreement with the City of Ottawa for the Stadium is horrible. How can a owner generate revenue???...on $99.00 tickets? I think the City will have to sweeten the pot to attract an owner and the fans need to step up and show their support.

I would still show up I like watching football!

Those are your words no where do I read sucks! Ido believe he was talking about the fans but the situation! You might want to read and not allow your anger or frustration over take your thoughts. You feel Ottawa sucks no one else.

I think it means you're right R&W2005.....

Sporty nothing would please me more then a great business man lots of dough saves this team for the fans. But that is not going to happen. The deal only brings guys like Horn Chen and the Gliebs. Again guys with more money then brains. But to save this franchise you need an owner that is willing to lose money (due to the Landsdowne deal) or you move it. It is very simple. No one goes into business to lose money well except for Liberal governments OOPs sorry Ro. So 666 maybe step up to the bar you got 6 million to lose the first year and the year after anwers that one if you are so dam smart. Did you think about the fans in Regina or Winnipeg community owned teams that they would suffer losses to prop your team up. Sure they did it for Toronto, Hamilton and Toronto but the welfare cheques have to stop. These teams can not afford losing money every couple of years.
So right now Ottawa needs anybody to pay the bills, get an new agreement with the rights holder of Landsdowne and the fans have to pack a stadium for support. The problem is two of those are out of your control as a fan.

It seems to me like Ottawas been getting screwed around with an
inferior product for a LONG time. Eventually fans get turned off.

When was the last time Ottawa was in the Grey cup???

I think its the easy way out to just blame fan apathy. Obviously if
the stadium situation is as bad for the team as some say, that needs
to be resolved. With the Gliebs in charge i can understand why the city
wasnt banging on the door to give them a better deal.

Eskylo buddy, that is no excuse the Flames sucked for what 14 yrs. Yet today they sell out. The problem is that yes they have had very poor managment, marketing and ownership. But a true fan will go out to watch the game regardless. Hey if you want another example Rider fans. They have been there every year for their team. Sure they do not like losing nobody does but they go to watch the game of football.

Yeah we also had a Save our Stamps situation that was also brought
on by yrs of piss poor management. Do you remember the Larry
Kuharic days??? Norm Qwong came in as president, put Wally in as
head coach, got some stability, and look at us today. One of the top
franchises in the league.

All Ottawa needs is an owner who brings in a good football mind and a
little stability, then youd see this franchise prosper. I wont believe for
a minute CFL football cant be successful in Ottawa again, given a decent

I agree but to get a decent owner in there it has to show that it is viable. The deal with the stadium and concessions is a disaster. That will not happen.
If Melnyk does take on this team next year. He will probably build a stadium and a hockey arena to remove the cities envolvment. The city is stupid because you can have the rights to the concessions but if nothing hapenes there you get nothing anyway. The tax payers will lose anyway. Where as the team is there and making a profit so does the business community and the taxes go back to the city. Top me the city is being selfish. Melnyk even offered to buy the stadium and the arena from the city? So why in the world did they not take it!