Can't you guys wait until the body is cold ?

I wish the rest of the fans would show some respect to Ottawa fans and wait until the Renegades are officially buried before picking the carcass like vultures. This is extremely painful for Ottawa fans to have the rest of you making plans on picking through our roster and for us to go through the process of a dispersal draft for the second time in 10 years. I curse the CFL for this.

Hey, people should wait for sure, hopefully your city and your team are able to attract a classy owner to run the show rather than just Chens and Gliebermans, the only people that seem to want to invest in your team and your city there.

I'm with you ORR, some people just can't seem to see the big picture. They just want to be able to grab Ottawa's best players to help them win now.
The team has to be kept going somehow or forget Ottawa for a number of years. The joke of suspending the franchise for a year and then letting Ottawa take back their players next year is just that a joke. If Saskatchewan or Winnipeg gets their hands on Kerry Joseph there is no way they're going to allow him to go back to Ottawa next this league if you don't have a top flight QB you're dead in the water. So what kind GM is going to allow a "new" Ottawa team to take their No. 1 QB.
The furor over new owners losing 5 mil the first year is over hyped IMO, because they should be paying at least 10 mil for a if they can take one over for a dollar they are ahead of the game. Maybe that's why some owners are reported to want to suspend the franchise for a year...that way they could sell the franchise to somebody instead of giving it to them now. I think they call that "getting it right".

Ottawa can have Tee Martin

ture that if the did supend, the would have an even longer road ahead of them than before, but right now that seems like the best opion.

Gotta agree Ottawa fan. Talking about dispersal drafts gotta hurt.

Funny thing is most of the talks coming from Bomber fans. Wonder
why that is??? Guess they need some upgrading.

anyone have a list? and what's the draft order? i think my riders will draft third.
sorry. ottawa has had two kicks at the can. blame the owners if you want, but the riders and fans from other teams have supported their team when they stunk.
ottawa isn't a football market. let the dispersal draft begin.

chewbacca wrote:

ottawa isn't a football market
Ok, I know there are going to be people ready to say, like other idiots in this country, "that's right, we aren't a football market, CFL that is, but we are an NFL market". My answer to you idiots is this - fine, but market to me means you actually have a snowball chance in hel* of having an NFL team in the city and guess what - you don't, no where in Canada. You can buy all the hats and shirts and toques and watch all the games you want but if you have no chance of a team, then no real market. It's CFL or nada if you want to be able to have a night or day out and watch great football, your call.

What really gets me is the CFL took over Hamilton and Toronto a couple of years ago very quickly, and found owners for these two team very quickly, so WHY, has the CFL dragged its arse so much with Ottawa ? I say F. U. CFL ! Why don't you help Ottawa for a change instead of giving us garbage ownership that in turns give us SHITTY teams.

Thanks for speaking up ORR. I couldn't agree more. Its as if the other teams want to reduce the competiton and pick up some more talent. Its pathetic!!!

I know what's pathetic and that's that the CFL has had no choice to give you garbage ownership because those are the only ones standing up to own the Gades, so the CFL has had no other choice. Why don't you talk with your mayor and city council there rather than just pathetically spewing out garbage that it's only the CFL's fault? This makes you guys sound like true losers. The CFL has admitted to making some mistakes in Ottawa but I haven't heard a thing along these lines from the city there or the fans.
Pathetic, your darn right it's pathetic.

Ottawa should be cummnity ownned, but that will only happen if the City steps up to the plate.

ORR, people talk all the time about what they'd do if they won the lottery. And they never win. Still, they made plans... just in case...

Not talking about the possible dispersal draft won't make that possibility disappear. Talking about it won't make it more probable.

We're all CFL addicts who need to talk about it on a daily basis or so. Training camp has not started yet. Free agent signings are about done. And there is only one big story in the CFL right now: The Renegades' situation.

How can we not talk about it?

I feel your pain. I really do. The last thing I'd want would be to see the league regress. I hope the Rens stay alive and become healthy and profitable.

But the situation right now is Ottawa is flying very low, and we, the fans, are free to discuss every possibilities.

I refuse to talk dispersal draft in respect to diehard Ottawa fans.

I refuse to believe Ottawa is gone until I hear that for sure and for all of you creaming yourselves about picking up players that still belong to Ottawa... FREAKING HEARTLESS! Maybe your organisations should have tried harder to aquire talent the right way instead of now chickenhawking players from other teams. CFL saves bum teams like Toronto (having to listen to every Grey Cup halftime in the '90's and early '00's being hijacked by yet another roundtable debate about how to save sad-sack Toronto and their NFL loving asses). I am absolutely disheartened that they set up Ottawa to fail with the Gliebergoofs now let the market hang out to dry...hang your head in shame!

I agree. What till the body is cold before grabbing the inheritance

Yeah whatever Earl. FYI, I sent an email to the mayor two weeks ago when Melnyk was looking at buying the team…As for it being the CFL’s fault? Well, the league had to pay off the former ownership about misleading them about the mythical salary cap, so that shows culpability…nuf said.

Thanks man. Appreciated!

I have a gut feeling that the Gades are not leaving the CFL anytime soon.

I just do as well tmfm.

Bruce Urban wasn’t good enough and now you want to cry ha ha ha priceless. No owner, no team!
Really if I was a gades fan I could careless who pays the f’n bills. The fact is you support your team win or lose. Sorry Gade fans I do not feel sorry for you. No body felt sorry for Stamp fans when the Feteriks were owning the Stamps ya you can come back and say 30 years is a long time but so is four years. Yet Stamp fans filled the stadium sorry I do not feel sorry for you.