Can't win without running game.

Bombers are proving that you can't win without an effective running game and you can't run very well when you have o-lineman injured. Hamilton stank it up too without Lumsden and the Leos stunk it up the first two games. Edmonton all last year. Look at the difference.

Charles Roberts 40.3 YPG
Joffre Reynolds 93.3 YPG
Wes Cates 85.7 YPG
Avon Cobourne 73.0 YPG
Dominique Dorsey 23.0 YPG

But the Cats have proven that you can't win with a running game either.

Jesse Lumsden - 121 yds/game

Sorry Cats fans...but we can't lose our sense of humour at a time like this :lol:

Roberts ineffectivness is a result of Berry not stretching the defence with long passes.... Throw it deep once in awhile and then see what Roberts can do.... FIRE DOUG BERRY NOW!!!!!!!!!!

the 2 games where lumsden rushed for over 100 yards, the cats won or were very very close to a win...the 2 games that lumsden rushed for less than 50 yards ( or wasnt there ) they got CRUSHED.

jesse is said to return next week against the eskies.

Your math is off drummer. Jesse has only played 3 games and I was being sarcastic. I know they need a big game from Jesse to win and when he plays well the team plays well. It was a joke. :?

my math is off? read my post again.

So what your saying is Rpberts can only be effective when the dfence is stretched?

Last year Hamilton would throw more then 20 yards ONCE at the most and Lumsden managed to average 7.5 yds per carry. And Caulley averaged 6. This was on a bad O-line as well.

Im not sure what the problem is with Roberts. He has always been able top run the ball, regardless of his O-line, or team.

One problem is he's not getting the ball enough. They hand off to him a couple of times a quarter, then think the defence will be faked out by play action. That of course doesn't work, which means everybody just bears down on Glenn, and he doesn't have enough time to find an open receiver. So he can't stretch the defence to open up the run.

You have to have balance in your offence, and the Bombers are relying too heavily on the pass. His first few carries he may only get a couple of yards; but you have to stick with it or expect to lose a lot more games.