Can't we count on Gang Green to do their best?

Or, any chance they might rather play their playoff game indoors in TOR with a chance to go on and play at MTL, rather than play in who know's what weather at McMahon for a chance to then play the best team in the league? I realize they can't make it into the Eastern playoffs without some help from EDM, but the Esks are playing two teams (MTL & CAL) that have nothing to play for in their remaining games.

That's brutal man.

I, obviously by putting it up for discussion, disagree. I'm not suggesting SSK would deliberately throw a game or two but, since they know they will be a visiting team in a CFL division semi-final, might they rest some stars earlier than the norm if they were behind in game? Would they maybe go with a conservative, show nothing new game plan? Where would you rather play on Nov.11 -- in CAL or TOR?