Can't we all get along?

Seriously this is all getting way out of hand, almost every topic has atleast two people at each other. We all are very passionate about our respective teams and we are all truely prowd of our League. But we do absolutely no service to either of these by attacking one another.

Do things happen during games (on and off the field) that are embarassing and piss off people, absolutely.  But what do u expect when u take 30,000 people, put them in a small area, add alcohol and passion towards their team and you have a very combustable situation.  IE: tonights rider game, the Browns game a couple of years ago, or even at NHL games.  

I'm in no way condoning these actions of a few fanatics and its embarrassing to the vast majority that are witness to these actions.   But we should be celebrating our league and the excitment of the games this year, rather than going around trying to figure out who's fans are worse.  

I've been to BC place for a game and to Canad Inns and have sure you go back and forth with the fans around u but its all in jest, and when the games over (NO MATTER THE OUTCOME) u can buy each other a drink and celebrate your common intrest that is the LEAGUE not your specific team.  Thats the way it should be and is and i look forward to my next away game and the experience that goes with it.

I have never been ones to hate other fans.

Except maybe WPG fans, for cheering BC SUCKS.

specially when they not even playing BC grrrrr

But really, pretty sad how so many "fans" cant grasp the concept of cheering for the home team civilly, and feel they are required to hate other teams and fans. More than sad, disgusting actually. sigh



Maybe we should all just meet up half way in Calgary or something and have an all out street brawl... just kidding.

Hey take your party to Edmonton LOL

I will totally rock that next week against Edmonton, thanks for the idea.

Well said :thup:

I'm not particularly proud of my league today.

I for one sure hope this board does not turn into a love fest day in and day out. Could you imagine how boring and mind numbing that would be.

Nope, I like the rivalries, yes sometimes heated ones too. But thats half the fun. Nothing better than rubbing your rivals nose in it when they choke. Ya know such as the eskies did today and just like the Riders wetting the bed yesterday.

Nope, without the love hate relationships you have nothing but a watered down snooze fest.

At least we can wear our team jerseys in other teams stadiums. For example, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, one of the, if not biggest rivalry in the CFL, yet you get hazed at most.

In the states, can someone wearing a Steelers shirt feel safe in Philly? Someone with a Chiefs shirt feel safe in Oakland? You can get shot.

I agree, it's dumb to hate on each others teams and all. But this, is childsplay compared to the NFL. If were not proud of our league, because of a forum, that's too bad.

true stampeder but where the problems start is people take it personal.

Impassioned disagreements are the lifeblood of any forum. They are what keep people coming back. Personal attacks are what drive them away. This is only one of two forums that I bother with on a regular basis.

nothing wrong with saying such things as we going to kick your butts, etc, but extreme insults and expressions of hate are immature and ignorant.

Why can't we be friends, Why can't we be friends...

It touches a nerve when someone criticizes another city or province. It is never relevent to the topic. They all have their pluses and minuses.

While I do agree, last year a lot of posters would hold against BC fans what some of our players did. Just like in this situation, as a poster you do have to own up for the actions of other fans/players from your team.

And of that note...Go Lions Go!

last year a lot of posters would hold against BC fans what some of our players did
what happens is other fans hold it against fans who [b]support and defend [/b]their players bad actions

FYB is much more accurate. Any Rider fans that support what happened at the stadium last night or that deny it actually happened deserve to be ridiculed. Just like any Lions fans that supported clearly viewed actions by certain Lions players were ridiculed.

What is happening here is that the ridicule and mocking has gone to the point where the entire province of Saskatchewan has been lumped in with a small number of ignorant fans which is truly sad.

Riders Rule
All other teams drool!!!!!!!!!!!
(just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))