Can't watch Grey Cup

Very disappointed I can't watch the Grey Cup with rabbit ears. Don't have cable. Wanted to introduce my young son to the game. Very disappointed.

Maybe we'll watch the NFL.

I guess you missed the memo on the digital age arriving :slight_smile:

That's too bad. Maybe if you had internet access, you could watch it online. :stuck_out_tongue:

File a complaint with Bell, they're the ones who decided they wanted the game on TSN.

Must have taken you a frustrating 25 minutes to make this post on your 14400 baud modem eh?.. don’t ya just wish the technology age would improve??

I can watch the Stanley Cup with a digital antenna. I watched Euro 2012 online. But the Grey Cup isn't available online. Just who's behind the times??

i found it online in about 2 min.


Thank you. But why 2 minutes? Where was the "watch online" banner on the website? Why is it hidden in the cryptic "Field Access"? (And by the way, there is no play-by-play, no replays, don't even know the score. Fascinating, actually, but not exactly a typical introduction for my son.)

But yes, the game's available. But it's not the broadcast.

You didn't see the "Watch it live NOW" link on TSN's main page right under the title Grey Cup Sunday?

I only looked for two minutes ... you want play by play ... any number of the online radio stations are broadcasting it for free. If you looked a little harder I'm sure it's being "illegally" steamed on any number of websites ... etc.

Haters gotta hate! Give it a rest man!


Ok, my bad. Just enjoying the game now.

Go Argos.