Cant Wait

Man i cant wait till the season starts WOW Did they get that new turf this yr.

Oh ya i will be coming down for game 3 vs BC on fri july 13 Its my stag party that night me and my boys will be in sec. 2 I phone and got group rates on my tix that is awesome. Cya then

im in sec 2 as well

snagged myself a piece of the old turf, and it now hangs in my office.
heading to two games this year. I have no expectations this year. Too many unknowns for me. But excited as always.

I snuck underneath the south side gate of Taylor field the weekend they put in the turf.

Me and my buddy broke it in before the Riders got to.

It is nice. No more Casino Regina Logo in Centre field.

Big Mosaic Logo uglies it up a little. It would've have been sweet to see a riders logo on the Field.

We ran some plays, scored some touchdowns and even returned a kick off for seven (extra point included).

We eventually got kicked out by some dude whose job it was to pretend he was in charge.
After running a couple circles around him and pump-faking a potential TD pass, i QB sweeped to the outside and dove in for the last minute Touchdown!

Have no fears the Turf has got Thryllin's seal of approval.