Can't wait to see the Ticats this season

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Ti-Cats play during the 2010 season. They were so strong last year and I hope they pick up just where they left off before the playoffs. Of course when they play the Lions I'll be hoping for a different outcome but no doubt they will be a team to be reckoned with. Good luck guys!

Its weird,I was just thinking to myself last night how im not very excited about this season-I was up until about 5 days ago.
It kind of sucks because I am pretty sure the Cats are going to be alot better then last year.
I think it is all the stadium talks and how Bob could sell the team.
Oh well im sure once I see the game tomorrow I will be just as excited as a few days ago.

So, great start to the season eh! Not really what we were hoping for, right!

Hey, I bought 4 Bronze tickets today at the Roar Store for Saturdays game. The girl that sold me the tickets said there weren't that many left in that section. Going to be a lot more people at this years home opener, despite the bad start last week.

Not necessarily mike. Many ticat fans don't live anywhere near Hamilton. . . if they can't afford to, say, catch a flight to Hamilton on top of the cost of their ticket, that does not make them any less a true fan than you or I. . . in my opinion anyway.

I'm also really looking forward to seeing the Ticats play. I didn't see a sign of that in Fridays game but there's always hope.