Can't Wait to boo O'Shea

I can’t stand this guy.
I usually bottle it all up and let 'er fly on Labour Day.

When he comes out of the runway, or is introduced, the sound of Ivor Wynne booing is music to my ears.

I'm in.

mess with his face:

haha yeah, I hope Jesse runs over and steps on him on his way to a touchdown!

i just cant wait to boo all of the argos when they step on to the field especially mike o'shea and orlando steinauer (excuse my spelling) and dont forget MR. Adriano Belli

unfortunately i doubt the argos will be introduced individually or will the ticats be introduced individually. WISH THIS WOULD CHANGE

How come? I think he is a pretty nice guy. Plays hard. Was my favorite Tiger-Cat and my first authograph. He was the only player to come out after a terrible Saskatchewan win which knocked them out of the playoffs.

I bet you like Jesse huh? I wonder if he will try the NFL again after finding success in Canada. If not, I wonder where he will end up when he comes back. Surely he wouldn't want to sign on for another terrible year with the Cats, I bet he goes to a contender and for more money too. If this does happen, whos fault is it? Management? Surely not the player who wants to win and can insure a better life for his family. After all, most of us change jobs for a few bucks an hour, never mind $30 000 more a year such as O'Shea got with T.O. :wink: