CAN'T WAIT til July 1st!!! BURY them Argos!!!!

Who (in the USofA) says that football season has to start second week of September?? FORGET that!! Of course being an American I'm always gonna be more into the NFL (and Steelers - and Penn State) than anything else, and can you BLAME me, but hopefully on SOME channel in the Lehigh Valley, PA that very Opening Day game between MY TEAM and Toronto will take place! GO STAMPS! And hopefully I can get out there to visit as well as sneakin out of town to beautiful BAMF!!

Go Stamps! and i DO want me a t-shirt of their old school '60s logo!

PS - will you marry me Trishia Helfer??

PPS - and if not YOU, how about YOU Elisha Cuthbert??

PPPS - go STAMPS (and Steelers AND Nittany Lions) in '10!!!!

All the pressure is on the stamps. If the Argos win, it'll be an epic upset. GO BLUE!