Can't Wait For Ottawa

Then I won't have to read another eastern moron reporter's predictions,

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...the guy who penned that article must have been in conference with Shultz of tsn :lol: :lol: Boy are they going to be in for a shock :lol: :lol:

....and yes it'll be nice to receive compensation again, for being placed back in the west and to receive some decent coverage....GO OTTAWA RANGLERS :rockin: :lol:

I miss Ottawa too. The only problem I have when the Bombers are back in the west, where they belong, is that they play less games in my neck of the woods. Oh well, I haven't been to Ottawa in a few years. Nice place!

....Ottawa is a nice better be for all the money we send there.. :lol: My son runs a sports bar in the Glebe and he's looking forward to the return of the CFL.....(drop in to the Royal Oak sometime and ask for Mark...he'll set you up with a pint...don't know if i'll be there but you might run into Jock from the tsn panel :wink: )

Thanks Papa. It's been a while since my last visit to Ottawa. My younger brother is/was a big Roughrider/Renegade fan. Maybe I can buy you a pop if we met up..... Funny, I used to see Jock jogging down Broadview Ave. in East York, Toronto. My Mom lives in that area. Always gave Jock a wave or howdy-do !

so ottawa is back for sure? cool. Winnipeg belongs in the west anyways. It's funny, winnipeg, a western city, the "gateway" to the west even, both our pro sports teams, Jets and bombers are located in the eastern divisions. Like i find that ammusing. So does this become the divisions?


East: Toronto,Mtl,Ott,Ham ?? am i missing someone? does winnipeg automatically go back to the west or does winnipeg stay in the east until a team in either q city or moncton comes in?

....that's an interesting question killer....Whichever way the league plays it, it will be lopsided...I think the Bombers really belong in the west...We've been there since our inception, except for the league relocations because of the Ottawa situation....Some say we are in the 'middle east' and have become very nomadic in recent years :lol: ...I say we get moved back to the west eventually (don't know if it will be immediate) and the league will wait for another franchise to come to fruition in the east...We'll see

Not trying to be a know-it-all, but what I remember was that Montreal folded a few days before the season started, and Winnipeg came east to fill the void. I had seasons tickets at the old Ex stadium and now I got to see the Bombers more times that year.Montreal was resurrected as the Concorde, they folded, Als came back. It was a yo-yo time and Winn. was the yo-yo. This was when we won last 2 Cups,86 and 90, against BC and EDM. I think the Ott. situation was later. Mont. was secure and Ottawa started having problems,back to east again.

I think you meant to say 1988 DAN38.

Thanks Backer, I did !

I would assume they would move you guys back West, if only because it would reduce travel costs for the entire East division who would all suddenly become within driving distance of each other and more games vs Sask,Edmonton and Calgary would reduce the bombers costs as well.

I don't see how it would reduce costs for the Bombers. The cost of flights to Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary is about the same as the cost of flights to Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. But games in Regina mean either chartering a plane or a long bus trip since Westjet doesn't have direct flights between Winnipeg and Regina.

Busing is generally always cheaper then flying, and it's about a 6.5 hour drive, not unreasonable. As a general rule shorter the distance travelled, the cheaper it is to fly. Here is the distance from Winnipeg to each other CFL city (in KM).

1510.30 Hamilton
1511.96 Toronto
1675.02 Ottawa
1821.36 Montreal
6518.64 Total

533.75 Regina
1192.68 Edmonton
1200.76 Calgary
1863.22 Vancouver
4790.41 Total

That's a total difference of 1728.23 km. With the exception of Vancouver, every trip is shorter for Winnipeg in the West, except for BC, and even that trip is not as substantially shorter. In addition, if the team isn't flying right to Hamilton, you also have to charter transport from Toronto to Hamilton. Also last but not least, Winnipeg I'm sure fills more seats when they play Regina (at least before Winnipeg started selling out the stadium).

Well they did get $700K for moving costs :wink:

For games in Hamilton, the Bombers fly to Toronto and then bus it to Hamilton but that is such a short trip it ain't even worth using in a debate. I wouldn't be surprised if the bus ride from Edmonton International Airport to downtown Edmonton takes as long as busing to Hamilton from Toronto.

As for travel to Regina, first, you have to charter 2 buses to accommodate everyone. Second, I believe at least one extra night at a hotel would have to be included in the cost since they would leave a day earlier than if they were to fly because of the taxing effect of the bus ride. Yes that is still likely cheaper than chartering. But, most importantly, if you were a 6'5, 240 lb guy would you find it reasonable to be couped up on a bus for 7 hours when you could have flown.

Another thing to remember, for about 11 of the past 15 years the Bombers have played in the East. For a lot of fans, the hate for Eastern teams is a lot stronger than for Western teams.

I understand what you're saying Hammer, but I wouldn't put too much stock in your distance chart when it shows Tor. and Ham. only a couple of km. apart. Flights paths may account for other discrepancies, but not that one.......... Another thing you haven't factored in is the fact that it's not a balanced schedule. If Winn. played Sask. 4 times a season, think of the savings both clubs would gain !

Keep in mind, the chart is a direct line from Winnipeg to the cities in question. Toronto is slightly further North then Hamilton and Hamilton is further west so the separation isn't as crazed as you might think as It's not the driving distance between the two.

....hammer are you tring to get MadJack all riled up with the ....'then' and 'than' thing...I have to admit I'm seeing that all over the place myself...Is it a plague or did a lot of people forget how to use the English language .. ''than Hamilton' man.. :lol: 'than'

It's not just travel costs but look at the huge savings that the East teams have in avoiding hotel rooms.
If Hamilton plays Toronto 3 or 4 times a year, no travel costs or hotels, it's a half hour drive!! Same with Ottawa and Montreal for them it will be a short train or bus ride and no hotel rooms. When Ottawa comes in and Winnipeg moves back West all the East teams will save a lot of money, the don't have to fly anywhere in the East.
Compare that to the disadvantage that BC has, they have to fly to all their games and have to take hotel rooms everytime they are on the road.

So why should the East have an unfair advantage when it comes to travel?

And you are making big assumptions. From a Bomber perspective there really aren't any compelling reasons for the Bombers to move from the East.