Cant wait for greycup week!

Have fun all, and remember, This is Canadas top pasttime next to the stanley cup!Enjoy!I will!

Going to the Grey Cup is something everyone should experience...It's an incredible time...I've been and it was the best time I ever had....The only thing is Since the Cats aren't going to be there I can't get interested this year...I only watch the game when the Cats are there....

Agreed, it is a part of Canadiana that should be enjoyed by everyone. Here's to a BC/MTL or WPG cup!!

This year I have so many things to do like the Vanier cup friday,The trooper wilcox loverboy april wine show thursday!The greycup on sunday! Party time on Saturday cant wait!

I just hope Toronto gets into it whether their team is in it or not. We'll find out I guess.

I Just can't get into grey Cup if our Ticats are not playing it..

True, it is tough, but it will still be fun to cheer against some teams, at any rate.

The Forbidden Website's Annual General Meeting is held every year during Grey Cup week. We often do this in the form of a breakfast meeting with sluice juice.

This year we were invited to hold our meeting in conjunction with the argoholics....thus, a strategic alliance fuelled by booze and fun.

You to can join the fun, release the Ti-Cats from the Curse that our good intentioned caretaker placed on them. Join fans from across the nation at the "Release the Forbidden Curse" Grey Cup Kick Off Party, Live at the Horseshoe Tavern in downtown toronto. Wednesday November 21.....a free event brought to you by real fans that just want to see the cats get better.

what are everyones big plans for that weekend?

Won't be watching the game since the Cats aren't playing....Hope that Snotball and his team don't even make it to the Game...

It NEVER matters to me who is playing in the Grand Game ... a TRUE piece of Canadiana, something which DISTINGUISHES us from every other citizen on the planet!! ... Long Live the CFL !!


I've taken Thurs/Fri off so I can go to Toronto and visit the various venues in Toronto and meet some of the other CFL fans :thup: :thup:

Sat is the Grey Cup parade so I'll head back to Toronto to watch that and then probably revisit Tigertown after the parade.

Not quite sure about Sunday morning/early afternoon. I hope there are bars that will be open so that we can get "relaxed" prior to the game.... :rockin:

Monday is definitely a day to catch up on some much needed sleep :wink:

That Trailer Park Boys gig sounds pretty fun. I wouldn't mind getting a pic of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles wearing forbidden buttons.

Hey ticatfan here (from 13thman) This will be my 12th GC in a row. As a ticatfan that lives in Toronto, I know lots of Argo fans. The Argoholics are great people and a lot of fun. I will be at the horseshoe etc and hope to meet a lot more of the fans from the Hammer

I’m tired of seeing the Argo’s hammering
other teams. If they are in it I won’t
be watching.

I agree big time: you want to see Canadian unity? Go to the Grey Cup! I dont care who plays - it's the parties and cameraderie that count.


a veteran of "more than a few" Grey Cups

I agree about going to the Grey Cup activities.
I didn't go to the game when it was hosted in Hamilton in 1996, but I did go to the festivities, and I did get the T-Shirt.
I would definitely consider going to Toronto.
Go Ontario! (and Troy Davis...)

sorry but i beleive troy davis was let go by the argos!