Can't wait for Grey Cup Montreal, 2008!

I'll be going! That's my promise to myself.. to see the Big Game in Montreal in 2008!

Should be fun..

one grey cup at a time.

I'll be there. The one in 2001 was awesome. I haven't missed one since.

Yup, I heard the same thing Billy and I will be there for 2008 for sure. Montrealer's know how to party.

Now for Toronto, well, I was there in '92 and saw how Toronto doesn't know how to throw a party. So I be around Toronto for the GC 2007 and check out to see if they can party but don't know if I'll actually go to the game. If they prove they can, then they will get my full support at some time in the future when/if they host the GC again. Maybe has something to do with this I read on a forum:

"i could go on about how its a failed attempt at a wannabe New York, and on every aspect of the city but to sum it up .. if you ask me, Toronto is a boring, overated city full of sheep with no happiness to their lives."

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Question: Are they going to play on that hard "Green Painted Ashphalt" or will they have nice "Field Turf" for that game?

Montreal Posters...Any news?

maybe they can borrow thier old turf from BC Place?

Actually Drummer, that could work. I've seen pictures on how it is stored. They could ship it via Cargo jet to be installed.

I can't wait either. Granted, I can't wait for THIS year's GC, my first since 2002. I have a friend who lives in Montreal, so it will be a blast to go to the 2008 GC. I really hope they use FieldTurf somehow, though ... rather than the green-paint-on-cement that they've got now ...

Im sure you know this but that Old green painted surface is astroturf and they will prob use it. Unless there is such a thing as renting!

Question: Are they going to play on that hard "Green Painted Ashphalt" or will they have nice "Field Turf" for that game?

Yes, they are going to ship in Commonwealth's field for the game and paint it. :lol:

(I know, I was being sarcastic.....)

I'm sure Ackles would agree to rent it back to Montreal....That way the Lions would feel at home playing there on it! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Montreal will be a "good" festival but based on past Grey Cups I have attended, don't expect it to be "great" (All Grey Cups are great but I am comparing past Grey Cups I have attended so this is a statement strictly based on comparisons of these)

The best 3 Grey Cup Cities from my experience were:

 1. Edmonton/Calgary - Tie
 3. Ottawa

The worst 3 were:

 Worst  Toronto - Torontonians simply didn't get involved

 Next  B.C. - Much the same as Toronto

 Third worst  Montreal

Admittedly my research is somewhat scewed because I have never been fortunate enough to attend in Winnipeg, Regina or Hamilton. I am fairly certain however that if I had, the bottom 3 would not change. I am relatively certain that Regina and Winnipeg both put on a great show and despite the dismal Hamilton showing at the recent Briar, based on my experiences with Ti-Cat fans at other Grey Cups I am sure it would be a party and a half.