Can't wait for CFL football

Can't wait for CFL football. It's been too long. I'm sick of watching the NHL.


Its funny, I was a Team 1200 regular in Ottawa since its Inception, I have since moved to other Talk stations, Over an average day I tune in multiple times and all the different shows on TSN Team 1200 talk Hockey.....Give me a flipping brake, I would think the CFL would be the top of the the discussion's with the flipping season starting in a couple of days, Very very disappointing Team 1200. I get more C.F.L. on CFRA witch is a news station, Just a thought its flipping Aug. lets talk
some football,


I agree. TSN 1200 talks about the Senators all day even when its 40 celsius outside in the middle of July. There is very little coverage of CFL football.

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Its a drag, it wasn't always like that,

It was like that at TSN 1040 in Vancouver.

And the NFL.

As for the CFL only during gameday or something negative happens.

Sports coverage in Canada is not the greatest compared to other places.

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TSN690 talks tons of Habs but mixes in a fair bit of others as well ... especially Mitch Melnyk from 3:00-7:00