Can't Vote???

I keep getting told I cannot vote in the Coach Poll.

Guess they do not want any west votes

Read the small lettering no Lions fans! Kidding you are right I couldn't either. Oh well Pinball is one less vote.

I couldn't vote either . Must be no Lions fans allowed. Or they're just trying to see if you try voting Berry on your second try and then counting your vote.

I keep getting this message:

Hugh Campbell and Danny Machocia are spamming the polls with write in votes for Disco Danny! :lol: :lol:

Please try again after hours! :wink: :wink:

They must have fixed the problems because I had no problems voting, or you log-in to the forum after you have voted.

Wait is the coach of the year decided by fan and not media/league votes? If so then that award is worthless.

I am logged in here, and I still cant vote.

Now the question is, can anyone else who lives in BC or Alberta andor has a email andor is a telus isp customer, able to vote???

...I just voted no problem....have no idea what my company uses for a provider service though FYB....

ok, now that is just wierd. I logged off, and then successully voted. duh

Wonder why they would have it that way???

hey Red i didnt know mcdonalds had a internet service :wink:

Dose winnpeg boys got nothing better to do out their than sit there and stuff balots I guess, :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

First Stegal and Jones, now Berry. Good thing they dont get to decide this one :cowboy: