Can't Vote on All-Time Team - Anyone Else with Problems?

I can log in to the forums fine but when I try to use my info to log in to the vote it tells me that it has no idea who I am. Same info each time. Maybe I'm not supposed to vote for Zuger?

I don't think it's set up to use the ids from this site, so you need to register separately.

I successfully used my forum login to vote, but only after clicking on the CFL login icon option.

Oskee wee wee

8) Same thing for me Mark, so I just gave up !!!
 If I have to go through all this nonsense to vote, I just won't even bother !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I couldn’t log in either, but your approach worked for me.

Thanks for posting. And Joe Zuger thanks you too.

Remember you can vote once a day in various categories. So far, they have opened up quarterback (1 vote), running back (2 votes), defensive end ( 2 votes - will it be unanimous?), kicker (1 vote - could easily be unanimous), and punter (1 vote). It looks like they are opening up a new position every week.

They have opened up the DBs now for voting.

And I have to admit, while my first four votes were pretty much a no brainer, I had trouble deciding among three or four for my fifth vote. I may end up voting for a different one each day.

Garney Henley. A no brainer for me.

He is one of my four. Ok, he is the first of my four. Henley, Brenner, Hitchcock, Sutherin, and …? After those four, there’s a drop-off to the rest. If I were just a couple of years older, I’d probably have Goldston as a lock, but I have no memory of him at all. Typical kid, I never paid attention to the DBs much, except Garney of course, but probably because he also played on the offence.

O-line is now open for voting. Interesting that Ellison Kelly is up for both tackle and guard position. Thought about voting for him in both spots just to make sure he gets in.

Ok, they just opened up what I find the most difficult position to pick - receiver. Why is it difficult? Because you can only pick four. Who do I leave out? I need at least six or seven picks for all the truly great receivers we've had over the years, and that's just the ones I remember being great. There are a couple on the list that I'm too young to remember (and I'm not really that young) that I should probably include on my list of must haves.

thanks. That worked for me too. I couldn't sign in and it was driving me crazy lol.

Ok how do you only pick 4 receivers from that list? I agree CFIO, there are more than 4 of the ones I remember.

Centre was also very hard for me to choose. Went with my heart on that one.

I thought from Day 1 that receiver would be the toughest group and when the list came out it was even tougher than I thought. There are eight Hall of Famers on the list of 16. Eight! And that list doesn't include Tony Champion and Earl Winfield (whose continued denial into the Hall of Fame perplexes me to no end). How the heck are we supposed to pick just four?

I know!! It was brutal. I think LInbackers will be though too.