Can't stand Bede

I’m usually a very patient fan but him, he as to go ::slight_smile:


third loss of the season where he is directly responsible.

He is frustrating, and he uses up an International spot … import kickers have to be outstanding … BB is not … he should go look for a kickoff specialist job down south

Its not like the genius GM didn’t know that :slight_smile:

He thought he speaks French he must be a national .

Especially when there are nationals who can kick really well .

Maybe Kavis can ask around the security guys at Molson stadium if they know anybody that can kick .


Wonder if Damon Duval (Trouble-D) can be coaxed back from Margaritaville…? He has been surprisingly available ever since he accidentally won a GC for the Als over the Riders.
I think that was the very same game where his telegraphing of a punt-fake was purportedly picked up by the Hubble.

Duval is almost 40 and hasn’t played pro ball in 7 years!
Also he was banished by the owner as part of the Smith purge.

Sarcasm. Shuh!
[crap. i mention Hubble, i reference Wilde. And i’ve spent enough of time around microscopes - but WOW some people have a small world after all]

Sorry, I confused you with one of the newbies.