Can't sleep, Can't wait

This is like the night before Christmas...and I'm no youngster. (although i worked till 2)
Bring it on Ti-Cats, make our city proud! Lets show our 141 years of tradition!!
Oski Wee Wee

I usually don't go to bed until 4, so it's good to have someone to respond to at this time :lol:
I can't wait either, but I know sleep is the quickest way to get to the game so i'll git er' done :wink:

I really think a cats blow-out, but i do have some reservations about Boyd and Owens.
We must come out strong and take control of the game just like the last Wpg game

I think we can do it.IMO Winnipeg was a helluva lot tougher than these guys and we beat them 3/4.TIme for them to come crashing back to earth tomorrow :slight_smile:

I couldn't sleep last night either, with a bit of late summer drama going on. So, if I could and I know I should some day; I'd like to show up at Ivor Wynne with my Cleo Lemon blow up doll, surrounded by not one or two, but 101 Argo BoxerGirls, highly trained just like Jackie Chan's girls are. In a fun way of course and looking forward to the game. Cheers to all the Hamilton Tiger-Cat fans.

Flicker, Flicker........POW.....POW..... Cleo Lemon: Show it to me. Go Argo's :rockin:

I'm ready to jump out of my skin, I'm so excited. I cannot wait for kickoff. I'm going to be hoarse before the coin toss.

Ahem, the Arblows board is a number to the left.Thank you, come again!

GO CATS GO!!! :rockin: :rockin: