Cant help but wonder

with all the talk about CFL VS NFL and how they different and how NFL stars would mostly not do well here, etc.

How many thing that Barry Sanders and Bo would not have done as well in the CFL in their prime?

I think they both woulda rocked the league even more than Flutie did.

If all the CFL players were all replaced by NFL guys tomorrow, what you would find I think after a season or two is that they would be shedding a few pounds to gain some quickness and speed and not be as tired with the bigger field. In other words, they would adapt, and what would emerge is a version of the CFL player of today, albeit maybe a bit bigger on average.

Its hard to really tell, because each league needs a certain type of athlete. Until they actually play in both, we could speculate and argue for hours.

You know football you bet, you should bring this topic to a bar at the Grey Cup… Just think of the discussion(s) that could evolve! :wink:

Warren Moon was probably the best to adapt to both styles.

Mervyn Fernandez while starring up here did pretty good for Oakland.

Joe Theisman did well in both leagues, but didn’t do the numbers up here that Moon did.

What I don't get is why the rush now for guys to try and make it in the NFL so quickly. Printers, Lumsden etc. should have stayed and got some more pro experience and this would have increased their chances to be on the active rosters, like guys like you say Sportsmen Moon, Fernandez, Theismann etc.

I always thought of pinball as a smaller version of Barry. I think Barry would have actually done better up here with moves that I am sure even awed Pinball.

As for Bo, he ran over people, he ran around people, and he had the instinct to know when to do which. He was fast enough for CFL and I think smaller defense players would have had a tough time bringing him down.

I sure hope they find doorways to alternate realities, cause there just has to be one where the Canadian dollar stayed of higher value than the american and where those guys ended up here. Wouldnt that be something to see :slight_smile:

Hey Football You Bet, did you read Pinballs book? He actually spent some time and played for Kansas City before he came up here. Its a good read. I enjoyed it.

Earl, I think it all comes down to the money issues. Football players have a relatively short career. (Damon Allen being an exception to the rule.) Make money while you have the chance.

I suppose Sportsmen but I still think Moon etc. did it the right way. I mean, Printers goes from CFL MVP to being on a practice roster? Not for me unless I was making huge money doing so.

I agree. Moon was an exception. I have to admit, I'd probably join the crowd rushing across the border. I mean with all the hype and dollars how could you not go?

Yup, I'd probably do the same.

God, I feel dirty saying that! :wink:

Hey, what can you do. Right now I'm just over 50 and still have 5 years to pay off a small 3 bed bungalow, have 3 university degrees including a Masters.
Give me da money should have been my motto earlier on and get degrees to get me into a better paying job.

You're not dirty at all, at least I don't think you are, when did you wash yourself last? 8)