Can't help but feel ripped off

As a loyal season ticket holder for several years, I am sure that I am not the only one who feels ripped off by the erosion of our benefits. Check out how other CFL team season ticket holders are being treated in a post titled "BC Lions Season Tickets (*Membership!) package arrives - it's nice - how do other teams do it?" on r/cfl on reddit. I would link iy but I am "not allowed to post URLs at this time".

We are clearly being taken for granted and greed has taken over the management of our beloved team. I love the post by user Rance_Mulliniks including a picture of an empty table to show other CFL fans what Ticat season ticket holders get.

Oskee Wee Wee?

Whos screwing you, Davud Braley, Bob Young? You are not very clear in who you bought tickets with

Agree. I don't understand.

Hamilton Fan is upset about not receiving any trinkets with his season ticket package.

You'd think the TiCats could have at least included one of their many pre-printed t-shirts that are just sitting in storage.

You know, the ones that say "TiCats 2015 East Division Champs" or "TiCats 2014 Grey Cup Champs" or "TiCats 2013 Grey Cup Champs".

The TiCats used to have a season ticket holder BBQ day at the stadium when I was a season ticket holder. Don't know if they still do that.

Well - if he is talking about the Ti-Cats here is what they get as season ticket holders - so I'm not too sure what he or she is upset about.

2016 Season Seat Holder Benefits


Save up to 44% versus single game prices
Opportunity to purchase additional tickets for single games at a discounted rate
2016 playoff tickets at season seat holder prices
10% Tiger-Cats merchandise discount
33% off of a Tiger-Cats jersey on your birthday
Available to the account holder on file only
Offer is redeemable at the Tiger-Cats Shop at Tim Hortons Field. Not available at
Account holder must present identification with proof of birth date (example: valid driver’s license)
Flexible payment plans

Priority access to purchase team controlled parking lots surrounding Tim Hortons Field
Pre-sale access to purchase single game tickets before the general public on sale
Pre-sale access to purchase 2016 Grey Cup tickets
Priority access to purchase other stadium events
(subject to limitations)

Dedicated account service representative
Access to online Account Manager – Free ticket forwarding and print at home services
Ticket Swap Program – Season seat holders can swap or exchange their original seats for the same number of seats they possess in their account, at the equal or lesser price point based on availability. Some conditions apply.
Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange – Sell your ticket(s) to fellow Ticat fans online

Edited to add not getting some fancy packaging and a key chain appears to be what they are upset about as here is the BC package he apparently is envious of.

Your 'freebies' are now going to pay for hydro. :smiley:

Those typically get "donated" to poor countries for the charity tax writeoff, and decimate the local textile industry as a lovely side effect.

Save the shipping cost to a third world country and just hand them out in the depressed little town of Hamilton.

They'd be perfect for the down-and-outs who desperately rent parking spaces on their front "lawn" during games there.

Pretty rude, dude. :thdn:

Par for the course coming from A-Hole-51 or is that Ego-51 or is it Arrogance-51 or Boyo-51 ? gotta admit his shtick is getting pretty lame and boring lately not to mention ignorant as well. I think I can safely say I speak for most when I say he needs to give it a rest :cowboy: