Can't get it done

I don't know about everyone else but I don't agree with this talk about the Riders playing a good game. We threw away the opportunity to take first place and the potential for the West Final at Taylor Field and not because BC played so well but because we blew it.

We botched the first half when we had the opportunity to really kick it to BC - they only had two completed passes and had two touchdowns.

Wes Cates couldn't run up the middle so we didn't try anything else just kept going up the middle. The first play of the game is a nice completion to Corey Holmes and then nothing but special teams play for him, why didn't we try mixing it up with some running places to Corey?

The only pass that worked for BC all night was Geroy Simon up the middle and we still couldn't stop it. And finally one last play, one last play for first place. It was not a difficult defensive play given the situation. Play deep and don't let them get behind. OOPS bye-bye first place.

I don't know if it's the Regina water or what but our Rider teams never perform like top echelon teams. Whenever we have the opportunity to put the BC's or Stampeder's down and show we deserve to be on top we blow it. It doesn't matter what management or coaching staff we have in place the end result is always the same.

Ya gotta remember it's been a long time since the Riders had a top-level team. It takes time to develop leaders. I agree the Riders did not put them away today like they should have but I will not give up on them yet. This is the best they have been for many years and we have 16 or 17 first year players that are still learning, including several young guys in the secondary.

Don't get me wrong I haven't given up on them and am excited about their potential but felt that this game was definitely one that we again let slip away. Let's hope lessons were learned.

I haven't lost hope in this team but that is only cause Burris is hurt and thats not what it should come down to. This team should have leaders on it. Its not like when Shivers and Barret came in and had to rebuild almost the whole team. These guys have been playing together for a while now, and this "regime" has proven early in the season they can put teams together. I don't know why they are on the downswing but i don't like it. I went to Winnipeg and Calgary for two blowouts and this game which was a heartbreaker. I will stick with them but i have the right to complain

No problem with the complaining. I would like to think that if we can get Davis, Frazier and Stancil back that the needed leadership will emerge.

Remember, under Barret and Shivers, everyone was allowed to claim the victim mentality which prevents leaders from developing. This is the first year in many where the head men have said "no excuses". Now we will see the leaders develop. They should have had this game but they didn't. As Austin says, this game is done. What we do next is what counts.

The Riders, Stamps, Lions and Bombers are interchangeable. Any team can beat the other at any time. It's the games against Mont, Tor, Ham and Edm that we SHOULD win.

With Hamilton beating Calgary, TO beating Winnipeg & Schmoes sweeping the just goes to show how well balanced the League is this year..any team can falter as we are atm.

BC was very lucky to escape with a win, but hats off to them... they won under adversity.

I know I am sounding like a broken record... but the problem about the Old regime was no one was held accountable, and that drove most fans like myself crazy.

Almost every team in the League demotes, benches or cuts under achieving players,the Riders did it once with Fantuz and look at the results.

Tillman & Austin both stated changes will be made...its time to step up to the plate boys.

How or why or what the HELL was Tristan Clovis doing on that Geroy TD pass? Wasn't that TD pass on 3rd and 10? What kind of safety is playing 10 yards shy of the endzone when Geroy Simon is running directly towards him?

The defence is overwhelmingly pathetic these last 3 games. OVERWHELMINGLY PATHETIC!

37 points we give up. BC had under 40 yards in the 1st half! Then they come out and destroy us! BC obviously deserved that win. Meanwhile the Riders are remain devastated on Defence once again.