Cant blame this one on marshal..

Marshal is not on the field making these guys make boneheaded plays. This was one game they should have won. Man it hurts

we came out so damn flat in the 3rd quarter.

Makes me mad, 1st half was looking bright

Its not about blame, its about change. Something has to change, and a coaching change sometimes is the message to give the players.

Players take a coaching firing seriously, its their fault he gets booted, and a lot of the time will give them the boost they need.

He the Head coach ..

This Team is bad ...

He has to Be held Accountable

I have to agree 100%…if i had the same track record as Marshall or Boreham…I would be gone…it takes a team but you need a leader…goodbye Marshall.

Google "Ralph Sazio." Read. Learn how legends coach in Tigertown. Recall how Ron Sr. lead us in the halcyon days of the late 1990s as well. It is not a difficult game when the right messages are sent. It boils down to leadership.

Does Don Matthews put up with the kind of penalty-laden stupidity week after week? Of course not. Heads roll out of town.

Oski Wee Wee,

No Marshall is the problem, 3 2nd half points in xcusable. 11 to date. C'mon give your head a shake. Ticats under Marshall are FINISHED.

look at the team under Don Suthern, then look at it under lancaster a couple years later

It is not the coach, the players have to be more disciplined

Ill show you disciplined.. My Dog Pees in the toilet. Shat i'll coach.

who disciplines the players?


A guy like kwame kavil not even playing the last few....why not CHANGE SOMETHING UP?!
Bench cheatwood or whoever screwed up on that too many men call for a game. ANYTHING.


And the coaches arent getting this message across.

And that comes down to coaching.

Marshall doesn't have control of this team. Like it has been said before would Don Matthews put up with this undisciplined play?

This game came down to stupid penalties, poor execution on offence (again) and an inability to adjust (again).

You can't expect to win games when you score 1 offensive TD in 2 games. This team has the talent. I think everyone on here will agree to it. The problem therein lies with the coaches. The game plan is just awful.

I think the D played better but we either rush 3 or 4 or everyone. There is no masking zones or blitzes at all. I'm not a fan of the 3 man rush in the CFL and especially when you play against A.C.

oski im so sick and tired of your whinning about the coach . Maas put balls in Yeasts and Ralphs hands that both should of led to TDS . Why oh why do we have recievers who cant make the big plays when we need them ????

Hey guess what they wont be benched they wont be disciplined, blame the coaches!

the recivers werent to blame they all played good with exception to maby peterson but he wassnt even horible

First of all, chill please. I don't try to control what anyone says here. M'Kay? I comment on things.

I was commenting on the "boneheaded plays" comment...if we don't make stupid, boneheaded penalties tonight, we very easily could have won the game. That's all I'm saying.

What I say about the coaches is relatively mild compared to what other people state. I was furious at kavis Reed's handling of the last game, but I give him props in general for how the defence performed tonight. We performed as well defensively as an 0-4 team could play.

Penalties are only corrected through discipline. Discipline is only enforced on a football team when players feel ultimately accountable to a coach. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance for being completely deluded about chains of command.

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought Peterson made some nice cathces and he didn't drop any perfect passes in his hands like Yeast did.

If the players dont listen then get rid of them . Our coaching staff is very good and they dont need to be saddled with losers like we have on this team .

but the coaching arent doing anything about it!

Bench them, Boot them off the team, smack them on the head..SOMETHING.

Theyre not doing anything, and until we get a coach thats not all bark and no bite, this crap is gonna keep on coming.

Marshall is very good? When did he prove this? When he got coach of the year? From turning a HORRIBLE team to a LESS HORRIBLE team?

ya i hate the fact he made 2 clutch catches at the end of the game like that to. and ya it looks like maas has some faith in him cuz after that one drop he went rite bak to him teice in a row in a clutch time.

Habman the losers on this team where hand picked by who? The second half we where out scored 17 -3. Who made better adjustments again.