CANON .......joins the a sponsor....

WOW ........another major league sponsor has joined the CFL........CANON..............who has buried recent now a sponsor.........of the CFL..........

So, we have SONY, REEBOK.....and CANON...................

Let's give WRIGHT the same contract and hope he quits. :roll:

Actually, this is a exclusive.

I hear ya, hellothere. If the owners (see: B.C. and Montreal) are stoned enough to can Wright after all the endorsements he's been able to pull in for the league, I need to give them a call to find out what they're smoking and where can I can get some of that $#!t. (4:20 anyone? :lol:)

Sounds good to me, I'd love some of that smoke!

But, hopfully it's just a lie, but if it's ture, then see my opinons in "Molson Stadiums attendence is 0!"

Long live the CFL! and it's new sponsor Canon!

Don’t forget RONA. It’s also a league-wide sponsor.

Hey, maybe Canon could help the Alouettes print accurate game cards. It always seems to me the game cards a printed so many days in advance that they’re all wrong. Cut players are still listed, new additions aren’t there, depth chart isn’t ajusted to injuries… If Canon can print them one day prior to the game, that would be a nice addition to their sponsorship.

EH I gotta ask?

First of all I am glad to have Cannon on board but how have they burried Kodak?

Cannon specializes in cameras, Kodak in film

Yes that is mistake............

But very major league ,as well.

I think it's a positive development.

groan :slight_smile:

hehe :wink:

Sounds to me like the owners of B.C. and Montreal (of which I'm a fan) WANT the CFL to fold so there two teams can be absorbed by the No Fun League.

Geo are you in the right thread
This one is about sponcers :shock:

Actually, it is about CANON :lol:

yea you're right...wrong thread. Sorry

thing is I started answering it then I realised it was the wrong thread

I think you get the picture…

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

IT IS ABOUT CANON and sponsors. I know......since I wrote this thread. :wink:

and what is Canon doing for them?

what does any sponsor do?

I shutter with the anticipation. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: The CFL and CANON.......should click 8)